REVIEW: Brian Byrne – Tuesdays, Thursdays, and if it Rains… (2006)

Scan_20160505 (2)BRIAN BYRNE – Tuesdays, Thursdays, and if it Rains… (2006 Kindling Music)

Strangely, I first heard Brian Byrne’s solo single debut, “Far From Good”, on a local lite-rock radio station that I usually try to avoid.  The song caught my ear for its upbeat, country-rock sound, with bouncy violin and piano on top.  A neat mix.  When they said it was by Brian Byrne, I stopped myself.  Couldn’t be the I Mother Earth singer getting played on a lite-rock station, could it?  But it was.  I promptly ordered the CD from the Record Store at which I formerly worked.  The disc arrived in a few days, great condition, except for the promo-cut jewel case.  They normally should have replaced the case before the CD shipped, but somebody missed it.  I didn’t want to ask for a new case, because I just left the place six months before and I didn’t want to become “that” customer!

But enough about me, what about Byrne?  Here he worked with near-legendary Canadian producer Tim Thorney, as well as former Killer Dwarfs guitarist Gerry Finn.  (Byrne and Finn both hail from Newfoundland.)  I Mother Earth were deactivated, and Byrne honed Tuesdays, Thursdays and if it Rains… into a pleasing acoustic rock album, very “singer-songwriter” in sound.

“Far From Good” is the highlight, being the most immediate and lively.  The album is diverse.  The opening track “Days Go On” has elements of country, funk, classic rock and soul.  The juicy organ parts really suck you in.  “Jen’s Song” is one of many ballads, this one reminding me of 80’s Phil Collins for some reason.  Byrne gets to let his voice speak more than he does in the louder I Mother Earth.  Then there’s a big chorus on “Sweet Love”, a better light country rock tune than Bon Jovi’s ever written.  This is like country-Jovi, but with integrity and feelings, and not a lot of flash.  “Nova Dashboard” is a lovely, bluesy country ballad along the lines of Blue Rodeo’s dusky favourites.  The guitars (by Thorney) get right under your skin.

I could go on and on, but all the songs have a quiet, smouldering power to them.  The light and shade of the album sounds quintessentially Canadian to me, and the calibre of the musicianship is above reproach.  Expect an album of diverse music crossing several genres, but do not expect I Mother Earth.  Byrne almost went as far in another direction as you could imagine.  And that is really cool, because he does it so well.

3.5/5 stars

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    1. Everybody seems to know Edwin but not Brian. Edwin’s back for a tour so there has never been a better time to focus on Brian’s solo work. Besides his solo album blows away Edwin’s.


      1. All deference to Edwin, but somehow that doesn’t surprise me. If I ever see a cheap copy of this, I’ll snag it for sure. I’m on an IME kick anyway, after getting the first two records in Taranna, so going in the other direction with the same dude sounds like fun!

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  1. Fairly intrigued, Mike. Quite like the track there. Haven’t heard the chap’s main gig, though I’m fairly certain I’ve spotted you guys talking about them.

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      1. I haven’t, Mike. Truth be told I done my very best to stay away from the audition stuff. I can’t be thinking of STP with a new singer.

        Somewhat related, I see Robert Deleo is touring with yon Hollywood Vampires. I would really like to see them play …

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        1. He is eh? I did not know that at all. That’s cool. They must be having a blast. Alice is known for his professionalism, but you know that he’s just gotta be a fun guy to play with too.

          I love that Deleo has not changed his hairstyle one iota in 25 years. (I’m doing a post on rock and roll hair styles)

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        2. Yeah – Alice has quite the line-up for this Vampire thing. Matt Sorum, Joe Perry and Deleo. A helluva band. I think Johnny Depp’s played with them also!

          As well as the hair, Deleo’s been wearing the same suit! :)

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