1. Dude, if there are items you want but have never been able to find, the KMA Grail List is there to help you! It sends your impossible items out to everyone in our Readership, and who knows, they may find your item in their shops! Exponential awesomeness.

          By all means, make yer list and send it to us!

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        1. I have a memory of that… glad it got found, and we’ll find it again for Mr. Bop!

          Yup, the Grail List is for all, to hope others find our impossibles, and to help others find theirs!


  1. What the actual what! I’ve never heard of this flick, soundtrack, or fictional band! And Callum Keith Rennie is one of my favourite actor chappies! This sounds boss ace!

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  2. My friend Jenn and I used to go see the Headstones live, so of course when this film came out we had to go see it. It was a very long time ago, and admitedly, I barely remember much about it!

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        1. Eww. Wedding dress???

          Did the wedding did not work out?

          It may make for an interesting wedding years later if she has a daughter that wants to wear it.
          Maybe a zombie theme wedding.


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