VIDEO REVIEW: Crystal Pepsi (2016)




CRYSTAL PEPSI – 2016 limited edition 20 oz bottles

“The soft drink is reformulated with caffeine and high fructose corn syrup, and will be sold for eight weeks.” – Wikipedia

4/5 stars



      1. Really? I just assumed it’d been everywhere … It was a clear cola back in the early 90s. Short lived, but it rocked, the ads (at least in the UK) were memorable and so too the cans.

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        1. Same here. Read that when I was at school, actually. Before I dropped fiction all together. Hence why I’m out of touch with the sequel!

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  1. I’ve said elsewhere: A Clinton is running for the White House, people are playing Pokemon, G’n’R is touring, and so is Temple Of The Dog… and now Crystal Pepsi… have we been zapped back to the 90s?

    Good on you for drinking that. I avoid pop if at all possible, so better you than me! :)

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    1. I have taken one for the team! There are lots of limited edition pop flavors in stores this summer, but this is probably the most hyped yet most limited edition.


  2. No wonder people have been talking about it. I had no idea it was making a comeback. I am an unabashed Diet Pepsi drinker. I remember clear pepsi but I’m not sure I ever tried it – we weren’t allowed soft drinks as kids.

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  3. …I remember Crystal Pepsi…and it not being very good. I was a heavy soft drink drinker in my teens and early 20s (2-3 a day habit in the summer, particularly). Today, I don’t drink much cola at all (might have 5 a year) so this one will likely escape my grasp. I am boring club soda fan myself.

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