REVIEW: Two – Voyeurs (Japanese bonus track) #200wordchallenge

The #200wordchallenge continues!  The complete review for the original Two Voyeurs CD can be found by clicking here.

200 word

TWO – Voyeurs (1998 DML Music Japan)

Rarity acquired!  After many years of searching, I snagged a mint condition Japanese copy of Rob Halford’s album as Two with John 5.  It was priced affordably and included the obi strip, always important to collectors.  The Japanese copy has a second booklet with pictures of the band, missing from the original CD.  Rob and John casually enjoying coffee in front of a wall of X-rays?  It’s in here!

The bonus track is called “In My Head” and it’s surprising how different it is from the album at large.  It still sounds like the industrial metal of Two, but criss-crossed with dirty blues.  It’s like Two meets the Black Keys, in a wormhole from before the Black Keys even existed.  Rob has occasionally shown a penchant for mixing the blues in with his heavy metal.  Witness “A Little Crazy” from the first Fight album.  John takes a really cool and inventive solo break on this track complete with plenty of slide.  Had this track been on the original album, it might have had more appeal with the rockers, though that’s admittedly a long shot.

It’s not easy to find, but worth finding for the industrial blues of “In My Head”.

4/5 stars



      1. Yeah true that. I just found Halford was changing gears from Priest to Fight to Two…
        I could be wrong but too me it seems he was following trends with the sound of NIN and Reznor at the time selling a ton of records!

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  1. intriguing, but reminds me of Radiator. Who were a band who duped me with a pretty stellar single called Black Shine (there was a great remix by Charlie Clouser). Anyhoo, the album was a huge disappointment – not treading the fringes nearly as often as it should have.

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      1. Oh no. I’d let that one pass you by, Mike. Unless you see it for cheap cheap cheap. Just for the one track (Black Shine). Even at that, I haven’t heard it in so long I can’t even vouch for that track any longer!


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