REVIEW: Journey – Look Into the Future (1976) #200wordchallenge

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Scan_20160825 (2)JOURNEY – Look Into the Future (1976 CBS)

Journey began life as a progressive rock band that plied instrumentals and vocals.  Keyboardist Gregg Rolie (ex-Santana) was in charge of vocalizin’, and Look Into the Future is the second album from this era.  Guitarist George Tickner left the band after their debut, leaving Journey a quartet with Neal Schon (also ex-Santana) handling all guitars himself.  Tickner still has writing credits on two songs.

There are hints towards the rock and roll machine that Journey would one day become, most notably the Beatles cover “It’s All Too Much” which they adapted to their style.  By and large you can look forward to a decent, soulful album with a focus on musicianship.   All songs on this album are vocal, ranging from slower blues ballads (“Anyway”) to long blow-outs (“I’m Gonna Leave You”).  Songwriting is a tricky craft to master, and at this point Journey’s songs were more prototypes than full-fledged compositions.  There are even fledgling metal riffs, such as “She Makes Me (Feel Alright)”, probably the best track on the album besides the Beatles cover.

While this album will never be as highly esteemed as Escape or Frontiers, check it out if you’ve wondered what Journey were like before Steve Perry.

3/5 stars




  1. This is a total history Lesson with Journey! Kudos Mike. iTunes has this ..hahaha….but man thats a throwback cover if I had ever seen one….amazing that just 5 years later Escape would hit Huge …

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      1. I’m glad you use the words “favorite Journey drummer” because Aynsley Dunbar is a far better drummer then Smith. It’s also interesting how Dunbar was fired or quit due to he didn’t like the pop music style that Journey was turning into and he didn’t really care for Perry. I had the privilege of seeing both versions of Journey live (with Aynsley and the other with Smith) and the pre-Perry version was so much better as a true rock band.

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        1. Thanks for noticing the wording — that was intentional. Aynsley’s more technical, and I do love ’em both. But sometimes…you just have to choose a favourite.

          Very cool you’ve seen the band live with such incredible lineups!

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    1. Have you seen Santana in the classic lineup? I’m hoping they’ll make it it Europe. Saw them in 1987 with Buddy Miles, Alex Ligertwood (whom I recently saw in a small club with Brian Auger), and Alphonso Johnson in the band.


      1. Phillip, I haven’t seen the reunited classic Santana lineup but I bought the album which is very good (if a bit unnecessarily long), and I will get the upcoming live Blu-ray since I’m sure they were excellent. I saw Santana numerous times throughout the ’90s, prior to his/their Clive Davis makeover into pop stars, and every show was spectacular. I’m sure the show you attended in ’87 was also great. I think I have a bootleg CD of the Woodstock lineup’s 20th reunion. Hard to believe they’re approaching the 50th anniversary in just a few years.


  2. I don’t know this one at all. Not familiar with Journey pre or post Perry, to be honest. The cover, though. The chap / chappette that came up with that should have got their jotters!

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  3. Was that album cover supposed to be the Starship Enterprise transporter platform?

    (As I make attempt to make Star Trek transporter noises)

    Sounds interesting. I may have to make a journey to find this early Journey. Wait. What?


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