QUIZ WINNER! Lego Album Covers 3!

We have a winner!

Congrats to Scott Peddle for cracking the Lego mosaic quiz and winning a CD of Whitesnake’s fabulous 1982 album Saints & Sinners featuring the original versions of “Here I Go Again” and “Crying in the Rain”.

Scott identified all five albums!  “That was my afternoon. Obsess much?” he asks.
1. JOE SATRIANI – Shockwave Supernova

2.  MONSTER TRUCK – Sittin’ Heavy

3. HONEYMOON SUITE – The Singles

4. HELIX – Rockin’ In My Outer Space

5. HAREM SCAREM – Mood Swings

Congrats Scott and enjoy your new Whitesnake!


Runner-up for “most original answer” is Scott the Heavy Metal Overlord, for the below response:


1. THE BOABYS – Show Us Yer Boaby
2. SUMS DOG – 2 + 2 equals woof
3. IMHOTEP – s/t
4. SAMMY HAGAR – Butter on my Biscuit
5. MARILLION – Fuck Christmas and Run: Christmas CD No. 367.5

Thanks for participating you guys!


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