NEW FEATURE: Sunday Chuckle

Happy new year to all! All over the world, to you music fans, connoisseurs, and various people with great taste in reading.

This is a new feature at and I hope you have a chuckle with your morning coffee. Every Sunday I’ll share something funny or otherwise amusing that made me smile or raise an eyebrow. This week, a parcel arrived from the Royal Mail, rather late: precisely one month after it was ordered. Normally mail from England arrives rather quickly, but the explanation can be found in the picture below.


You see where it says “CANADA” in big letters? I know, I know. Because “Canada” is spelled so similarly to “Thailand”. They both have “an” in the name with a “d” somewhere.

No big deal; are always happy to replace lost items, they have done it for me before. I received the parcel unscathed…from England via Thailand. Would you like to know what’s inside?


    1. Hey Mike: did you ever review this set? Fallen down the Marillo rabbit hole and Marbles is heading towards the very top of my favs list. Would be interesting to get your take on the making of CD…. -john


  1. Meh, in these trying times chuckles can be hard to come by Mike, quite the challenge you’ve set yerself.

    Either way here’s to ya pal look forward to the weekly read :)

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