REVIEW: Dynazty – Renatus (2014)

Thanks to Jompa Wilmenius for sending us this CD!

scan_20161218DYNAZTY – Renatus (2014 Spinefarm)

Renatus means “rebirth”, but this is the first Dynazty album to have made its way over to LeBrain HQ.  Being our first exposure to the band from Stockholm, what will their rebirth sound like?  Power metal, heavy on the syncopated beats, accented by keyboards and melody.  Like Savatage cranked up to about 15 without any restraint.  The stuttering bass drum can be tiring after a while, as can the bipping and bopping keyboard accents.  The vocalising and guitar solo breaks are absolutely highlights, bringing their sound back from the edge of overkill.

From “Cross the Line” over to “Starlight”, the speed does not let up.  It’s as if you took the fastest songs by Ronnie James Dio, injected them full of caffeine and watched them go.  (Throw in some early Queensryche, too.)  “Dawn of Your Creation” departs slightly from this trajectory but not without a purely-Yngwie lead guitar solo.  “The Northern End” is the first break in the storm, allowing the song to slow down enough for its power to impact.  This defiant anthem is an album highlight.  “Incarnation” too is a little different, bringing back the Savatage on steroids vibe.

There’s a natural spot for a side break right at “Run Amok” which restarts the engines going full speed.  “Unholy Deterrent” might be the most aggressive of the tunes, like the front of the battle lines, stampeding everything in its way and rendering the land burned and scorched behind.  Then, if there is music that backs up an army of Orcs marching out of Mordor, it should be “Sunrise in Hell”.  The lines have formed and the charges are about to begin, and the beats continue to thunder below.  “Salvation” provides the silver lining, a triumphant power rock tune.  Closing on an ominously heavy note, “A Divine Comedy” completes the album without once letting up on the metal assault.

The album sounds technically flawless to the point of sterility, except when it comes to the vocals which have all the edge.  Not a bad album or even a bad sound, just too close to the edge of parody.  There is a very fine line between clever and stupid.  Fortunately Renatus never falls over the edge.  Within its powerful tracks you will find several favourites.  Best of all the album never overstays its welcome.  This is a point more bands need to pay attention to.  Less is often more, especially when you’re as relentlessly heavy as Renatus.

3.5/5 stars


Nils Molin – lead vocals
Rob Love Magnusson – lead guitar
George Egg – drums
Mikael Lavér – lead guitar
Jonathan Olsson – bass


  1. Yeah, the bipping and bopping synthesizers can be somewhat annoying, I agree on that one but I really don’t think the production is sterile. But you have a point in the “technically flawless to the point of..”.
    But the track-dropping you did are pretty spot-on, though. I love “army of Orchs marching out of Mordor” comment. I wish I could come up with stuff like that – priceless! :-D

    Me, I love this album, I think I gave it 9/10 or something. But Dynazty’s latest release, Titanic Mass, is the band’s masterpiece. It’s pretty much a sister album to Renatus but without the annoying synths and more varied. Do check it out if you get the chance.

    Loved the review, Mike.

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    1. Jon if you want to write more metaphors about armies of Orcs, then just watch more movies! LOL (I probably stole that line from some review I read as a kid anyway!)

      Thanks for the awesome comments, I will be checking out Titanic Mass next.


      1. Well, I watch movies all the time. At least one movie a day – or an episode or two of some TV series and I still can’t come up with all the cool comments… ;-)

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      1. I do that too for bands I don’t know. If the album cover looks cheap or just plain awful, I might not give it a listen. On the flip side, if an album cover looks really cool in some way, I will check it out (my music challenge posts for example).


    1. If that’s the case you can always check out their three previous albums Bring The Thunder, Knock You Out and Sultans Of Sin. They come in a more traditional hard rock way but still very good records.
      With Renatus they went in a more metal direction.

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  2. Apparently all Lennon’s solo albums were remastered and remixed(2000-2005). I like them. Sound is more clear and vocals are a bit more upfront. It’s just a different mix. Been listening to them nonstop all Christmas. To get back to metal spinned Tracer, the Answer and Stryper discs too. Now back to Lennon. Have you gone through spells of listening to same artist a lot? Kiss maybe? Oh, accidently spinned Hot in the shade and to my suprise really liked it. Back in the day that’s when Kiss and I parted.

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    1. Yes I frequently go through those spells, all one artist for a long period of time. I just did a spell of all early Judas Priest actually! I still can’t say I care for Hot in the Shade. Maybe they should try reissuing that one as a deluxe and giving it another try.


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