Gallery: The Lego Cassette Project

Did you watch cartoons in the 1980s?  If you, you probably remember the Transformers.  Think back, and picture the cassettebots.  Remember them?  Soundwave (Decepticon) and Blaster (Autobot) were the cassette recorders, each with an arsenal of cassette mini-robots to back him up.  Using an advanced alien technology called “mass shifting”, these giant robots could shrink down to the size of an actual cassette, thereby enabling them to spy unnoticed on human and robot alike.  As affordable toys, you may have had some yourselves.  The neat thing was these cassettes designed by Japanese company Takara were designed to perfectly mimic the size and shape of actual micro cassettes.  On the TV show and in the pages of the Marvel comic book, they were depicted as standard sized cassette tapes.


Third party company Toyhax (also known as Reprolabels) has come up with some fun ways to enhance your cassette-bot toy collection.  Recently they released a set of plastic engines and stickers for the current Buzzsaw and Laserbeak toys in the 2016/2017 Hasbro Titans Return line.  This time they transform into little media players.  Fans always complain that Hasbro toys “don’t look enough” like the original 80s toy they are an homage to.  Toyhax has created the labels and engines to enhance the current toys, and enhance them they do.  The new accessories even enable new modes, like the “Star Trek communicator” see below.

Toyhax have also released a sticker set that enables you to use ordinary Lego bricks to create you own shrunken-down cassette versions of characters both popular and obscure.  All you need  are those small 1×2 flats.  You know the ones I mean?


Don’t have any of those just lying around anymore?  Get this.  You can buy them, picked to order, for just pennies a piece.  You can pick as many of any colour you like.  Mix and match the stickers to get the best looking mini cassettes around, and perfect for your Masterpiece scale figures to hold.

They look great, and it’s a fun little project you can do with very little cost.  They enhance any solid Transformers Masterpiece collection as scale accessories.  See below with Fans Toys’ “Tesla” (aka Perceptor), they look just perfect!



    1. The “reasonably affordable” part of the equation is the most appealing to me. How many times have you (or your kids) needed (or lost) a specific part? Now you can just get it. This is the first order I’ve done and I wish I had more cassette stickers as an excuse to buy more!

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  1. Awesome! This is a perfect example of the kinda stuff you were talking about before (the whole official vs. third party). Looking forward to some more posts about this kinda thing, too.


    1. Will do sir.

      Yes Toyhax is a third party company that I have ordered from many times. You should see the baggie full of sticker sheets that I have. And Fans Toys are my current favourite third party. They make incredible albeit very expensive “toys”. I have a buddy who doesn’t even buy official anymore. Third party may cost more but he deems the quality so much better.

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        1. The problem with the third party post for me has been “Where to start???” My first third party toys are actually already in storage so not accessible for photos. And I’m not sure who started the whole third party thing either! So I’m going to make it sort of broad.

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