Sunday Chuckle: Love Gun

Mrs. LeBrain and I have been married nine years, but in many ways we’re still romantic like newlyweds.  The other night we went out together to take out the garbage.  It was beautiful outside.  The sun is up until late now, it was warm and there was a nice breeze.  Neighbors were out, kids playing…it was that sort of night.  I just threw on some pajama pants for the garbage walk.

As we were walking back, I started singing a silly song (it’s the kind of thing I do) and skipping ahead a bit.  I didn’t hear what Jen was saying as she was trying to get my attention.  I just kept singing and skipping.

Then I noticed my weiner was out.  Jen was trying to warn me that my love gun was giving the neighbors a show.  This explained why the one fella looked at me funny.



  1. Ace Frehley is supporting Alice in Newcastle Australia in October. Rocket Ride would be s bucket list moment. Also the original Alice Cooper. Billion Dollar Babies!!.

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    1. HOLY COW MAN! That is awesome. Incidentally yesterday I spent several hours writing a review of the Life of Crimes of Alice Cooper box set, look for that in the new couple weeks.


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