Sausagefest 2017: The Video


    1. Thanks! It’s also my fastest turnaround time ever for making a video. The Samsung and new computer made it so easy. Plus on the Saturday night, my head was still buzzing, and in my mind I was already editing. I had the whole thing edited in my brain when I got home on Sunday so I just had to piece it together.


  1. Brilliant! Looks like it was a great weekend and you guys got your rock-cook on.

    Also, I love those nighttime shots… particularly when the fire’s burning brightly.

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    1. My God! They were STUNNING shots! I couldn’t believe them when I saw them. That’s what the new location did. I’ve never had better night time photos. Just amazing. So glad it worked out that way. Imagine what it looked like in person. Book your flight for 2018.

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      1. Man, I’d be over to Canadialand in a shot if I could! Might be a couple of years before I make it over, but it’s a priority destination, that’s for sure!


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