#581: Attention Walmart Shoppers

GETTING MORE TALE #581: Attention Walmart Shoppers

On June 10 2017, Mrs. LeBrain was at the Walmart at Fairview Mall looking for Transformers for her husband (me).  She came home with an injury so bad she was immobile for the rest of the night.

She already has mobility issues due to numerous falls and fractures, but June 10 she aggravated her sciatica.  Some idiot was there with two kids, but too busy texting to notice what was about to transpire.  The baby was seated in a shopping cart, and a young boy had control of the cart.  Mother was deep in texting.  You can see it about to happen can’t you?  Kid hits my wife in the leg with the cart, then does it again.

Jen says to the lady, “Would you mind watching your kids?”

The lady responded with the very typical, “Why don’t you mind your own business.”

“It is my business!  Your kid hit me in the leg with your shopping cart, twice!”

There’s a baby in this shopping cart, remember!

The lady then said to the kid, “Stop that.”  She didn’t offer an apology.

When Jen got home that’s when the nerve pain really kicked in.  We managed the pain the best we could through a very sleepless night and went to the doctor (emergency appointment) the following day (a Sunday).  All that because some kid wasn’t being minded by his distracted mother.

People, we’ve bitched about Walmart shoppers here before, but Walmart’s not to blame.  It’s the idiot parents, and this is nothing new.  Back in Record Store Tales Part 29, we recalled the dad who didn’t care about his kid that just demolished the country section.  People, watch your kids.  It’s not hard, and if you do such a poor job that your kids cause injury to someone else, maybe you should have got your shit together before having kids.



  1. Holy crap! I see this all the time! I get keeping in contact but jaysis, the amount of people I see staring at their screens and texting walking and driving around is embarrassing. Seriously, do you really need to ‘feel connected’ standing in line at the grocery store?? C’mon.

    I have a very old ass phone, and maybe it’s that and no data plan that is keeping me honest? I doubt it though. I don’t feel I need to be on it 24/7, but I guess I’m an old bag.


  2. Might I add, parents need to be accountable for their children’s behavior. YOU are responsible for them. They are not of age, therefore you do not have autonomy. Apologize like an adult for their behavior. ( seriously, I weep for the future)

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  3. I see parents (I assume) out with their kids for a meal and ignoring them while playing with their phones. I feel bad for kids that are ignored. I wonder what kind of adults they will become.

    I feel for Jen. Sciatica is so painful. You have no idea what it’s like if you haven’t experienced it.


  4. It is sad that it’s not just those ‘punk kids with their cellphones’ – it’s disappointing when ‘adults’ don’t have self-control with the devices. And if you can’t control yourself (as in this customer), the chances of managing their kids…


  5. Oh man I hope Jen’s OK! There are so many negligent parents. It isn’t just Wally, it’s everywhere. We stopped going to playtimes at the Y because hellions aren’t being minded and are hurting other kids – and the parents couldn’t care less.

    If it’s any consolation, we mind our kids, and at their age (8 and 6) now, they’re pretty used to behaving in public by now. This is because they have to or next time they don’t get to go anywhere. You’re right, it’s very simple. Teach your kids properly and you can trust them. And keep your phone in your pocket. Easy! :)


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