Sunday Chuckle: Game of Spoilers




Two weeks ago, I began watching Game of Thrones from the beginning for the first time.  Everyone at work is into it, so I finally took the plunge.  Of course, it’s impossible to completely avoid spoilers.  I know there are dragons, White Walkers, and so on.  However I’ve remained gleefully spoiler free on most key happenings.  I am two seasons into the show, now midway through the third.

The other day at work, I was talking about how much I’m enjoying the show.  I mentioned some characters I didn’t like, such as Joffrey, Theon and “Kingslayer” Jaime Lannister, the greatest swordsman in the realm.

One friend asked, “Jaime Lannister, is that the one-handed guy?”

At once everybody responded, “Yes.”

Except me.

“He loses his HAND??” I howled.

Fuck!  Spoiled!


  1. Haven’t seen it yet – I almost ruined the ending of a book for my mother-in-law the other day, she showed me the cover and I said “oh that’s the one where they’re _______ and luckily stopped before I finished the sentence!
    I gather things don’t end well here for Sean Bean, as per usual!

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      1. though I suppose with the one-hand fellow here, it can be like watching Hot Tub Time Machine: you know Crispin Glover’s going to lose his hand at some point, they spend the whole movie with close calls expecting to see it happen!


  2. Ohhhh man. OHHHHH MAN! GoT is so much fun. We’ve been watching it all along, and since it’s been reported that it’ll be 2019 when the last episodes drop, we’re thinking about watching the whole thing again! It’s all that good!

    I’m glad you’re digging it. You’ve done well to get this far without more spoilers than that. It can get a bit muddled sometimes, and there are some episodes that seem like dead air, but when they hit it, they REALLY hit it and your jaw hits the floor so many times.

    ENJOY!!! \m/ \m/

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    1. Well this is the second show that you recommended, that I went for and loved. The first was Breaking Bad.

      It’s all about starting a show when it feels like the right time. At this rate I’ll be caught up to the current events in about a month!


  3. I watched 2 episodes, just a month or so ago, but I just don’t have the time to commit to that much telly just now (I’ve been watching Twin Peaks, and one show is plenty for me). But the guy loses his hand, eh?

    Seriously, I reckon I have established what happens from those two episodes and the posters and ads on the sides of buses for the latest season!

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    1. Yeah, sorry to spoil it, but Pretty Boy there loses his hand! I try to only watch one show at a time when I watch a series. I think I’m done with the Walking Dead. Twin Peaks I will watch but I need to go back to the start, first.

      GoT is a great show but I think best appreciated when you’re not watching other shows.

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      1. Ach. I’m fairly certain I’ll not be that surprised by how things pan out when I finally sit down to it.

        Twin Peaks is a delight, Mike. I was a bit weary at first, but I’ve loved it. Takes thing to another level.


  4. I am also going to start watching it. It will be a good thing to watch in the winter because I won’t have the Blue Jays to watch! When enough people talk about it you feel you would like to watch it too. I can also watch Netflix now on Kathryn’s account. Any recommendations?

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        1. WHen I was growing up I thought dad knew everything about comics and super heros. Now I know — he didn’t know anything! He just knew the Hulk and Cap TV shows from the 70s!


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