Sunday Chuckle?

I love a nice cool walk on a beautiful summer morning.  I always bring my camera, because sometimes you see some weird shit.

Sometimes you see nice nature stuff, like this snail.

Sometimes you see things that make you scratch your head.  I’m not sure if this is a Sunday Chuckle or a WTF?  What is a “Redneck Mafia”?  Isn’t that something of an oxymoron?  And a “NO-Club”?  What is that?

A few weeks later he was back, looking like he was trying to make two parking spots for the price of one.  Who is this guy?

Guess below in the comments.  Or don’t.  Whatever!


  1. I love when idiots put little idiot signs on their cars so we can spot them easily. Decals are somehow part of “Quebec culture” – nearly everyone has something stupid on their car.

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    1. We used to live in Montreal, and there was a cab we saw frequently in our neighbourhood with a GOD IS MY CO-PILOT sticker on it. I couldn’t bring myself to get in that cab – not because I’m anti-Christian, but because I want a driver who’s fully engaged, not trusting to their God for help on the road!

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  2. I suppose is it like the Groucho Marx, whatever it is, I’m against it? Membership in the NO club requires you to be a contrarian at all times, on all issues? If everyone started parking poorly, they’d have to abide by proper parking etiquette?!

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