#613: Writer’s Block

GETTING MORE TALE #613: Writer’s Block

Writer’s block?  I’ve got it.  Can’t tell?  That’s because I have built up a backlog of posts ready to fill the gap when needed.  It’s called planning ahead.  Being prepared for the inevitable.  Writer’s block strikes when it wants to.

Staring at giant piles of CDs…over 3000 of them aching to be listened to, reviewed, discussed, and appreciated.

“I can’t find anything I wanna listen to.”

Collecting music for over 30 years.  Selling it to the public for 12.  Managing a Record Store for 10.

“I can’t think of any good stories to talk about.”

Fuck you, writer’s block!  Can’t be inspired to write about anything?  Then I’ll write about you, writer’s block!  Take that, you asshole.

There are ways around just about anything – especially when the only thing stopping you is you.

It’s absolutely incredible that I can be sitting here with over 3000 of my favourite pieces of music and can’t be arsed to put two thoughts together.  What’s the deal?  Well, I’m distracted.  Distracted by real life, by loved ones who are more important than words, and by sheer exhaustion.

Take a break?  I am on a break!  See above note about backlog and try to keep up!

Writing is one of my great joys.  Music is another.  Combine the two together and I have the most enjoyable, rewarding creative endeavour.  It’s work, but it doesn’t pay very well, so in reality it’s pleasure.

It’s a pain in the ass when my brain refuses to be inspired.  That’s life.  It could get worse before it gets better.  Sometimes, the heart lies elsewhere.  Family comes first, as it should.  Life happens whether you like it or not.

I love putting an article or review together.  The process of polishing and finishing one is actually even more enjoyable than the writing.  Coming up with accompanying photos, replacing old tired words with better ones – it’s all fun and invigorating.  Seeing the finished published product and reading the comments are all things that bring me great happiness.

Even though I currently “can’t find anything to listen to,” I have no intention of stopping.  I’ve slowed down in the past – 2016 had fewer posts than 2017 – but this is far too much fun.

Fuck you, writer’s block.  Writing about music isn’t a chore, it’s just the opposite.  I won’t let you stop me.


Bon Jovi wrote “While My Guitar Lies Bleeding in My Arms” about writer’s block


  1. Been there, done that. Don’t have any advice to offer. My solution was to quit. Haven’t given up on music though. Still love music. But I feel your pain. There’s always tomorrow. Been spinnin the new Portrait cd Burn the world. Have u heard it? Any thoughts?

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  2. I too share your pain. I’ve been working on my third book now for more than three years. It’s not all writer’s block, sometimes I just can’t get myself motivated to write. What helped me very recently was that I had to take a client from work on his holiday to a very nice location. That really inspired me.

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  3. Yup. I know that feeling all too well. It’s the reason I have about 7 unfinished drafts… just can’t find the right words. Sometimes I just can’t find any words.

    Of course, finding time is another consideration.

    Anyhoo, where’s that 12 Bar Blues review, Ladano?

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    1. Hah, shit. Still got the album in a folder on my laptop…

      I’ve managed to write two things so far, for Bruce’s upcoming “Various Artists” project. By going that route I picked a couple weird things that I could loosen up on. Are you on the email chain for Bruce’s project?


      1. Well, let me know when you get to it and, if you’re still interested, I’m all in on the collaboration.

        As for Bruces’ project, I don’t reckon my involvement will go beyond reading the posts offered up.


    1. Hey Pete! Thanks for the comment and support. I hope to keep you entertained. A few kickass reviews coming up that ar3 finished. I like holding back a few good ones :) hopefully I’ll be back writing again soon.


        1. Funny how sometimes you don’t even think of what could have been an obvious way to get outside your “box”. But I’m grateful Bruce proposed it because it has been fun.


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