#624: Christmas in Bed

I started feeling sick on the 24th. By Christmas Day it was a fully blown flu.

I’ve been running on empty. Driving back and forth from London for cancer doctor appointments, fighting to get an MRI done, Jen’s biopsy, work…the tank has been empty for two weeks. It’s no wonder I got sick. I generally don’t get the flu shot, though it is free and widely available. Last time I got it was in 2006. I got so ill that I swore I’d never get the flu shot again.

On Christmas Day, a couple people in the family made a rude comment behind my back about how I’d better be in a “better mood” by dinner. They thought I couldn’t hear. That was that. Energy = tapped. Why even keep trying. I’ve been in bed ever since. I’m writing this from bed on my laptop. I haven’t been out of bed. I haven’t felt this exhausted in many years.

There will be no Christmas update and we’ll have to see about end-of-year lists. I’m too tired.

I hope your Christmas has been germ and drama-free!



  1. I wonder if it is more a stress related illness than a virus.
    You and Jen need a vacation. Get away from work, thoughts about cancer, even blogging. Recharge the batteries.
    That is my prescription.

    I hope you feel better.


  2. Flu is bigtime bad here, not even a bed available at the hospital. It’s serious stuff. I hope you are feeling better soon. Stay hydrated and sleep it off. And screw you to relatives, sometimes they suck the will out of everything.


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