#636: Cancer Chronicles 6: The Recovery Begins

I have to admit I’m surprised how fantastic Jen looked and sounded post-surgery.  I’ve never experienced surgery; it scares the shit out of me.  Jen did it like a champion!  The hospital staff kept telling us what a great person she is.  Of course we know that already!

We spent several hours with her yesterday and she was in top spirits.  When we arrived, she was playing video games.  We got her hooked up with a TV so she could watch the hockey game.  We brought her yarn and needles so she could continue working on her knitting projects. We got her some coffee and she was thrilled.  She wasn’t allowed any coffee before surgery.  She said it was the best coffee she ever tasted.

A little while later the nurses had her out of bed for her first walk.  Part of the long recovery process is walking, breathing and coughing.  It hurt — I could see the pain on her face.  It will be several days before she’s able to come home.

I, however, have to get back to “real life”.  Jen’s mom will be taking care of her for the next few days.  At least I know she’s in good hands.

Recovery means she’ll be taking it easy for about six weeks.  I’ll be doing double duty on house chores which means much less writing.  That’s OK.  I had a pretty good five year run of writing almost daily.

Now, you may wonder “what’s with the main photo at the top of this article?”  It’s called “Guess The Grossness”, a fun hospital game that Jen plays.  Can you guess what the “food” is in the top photo?

Thanks for all your support.  It had been overwhelming, and so appreciated.  Thank you all!


  1. Great news Mike – I appreciate you being so generous with this journey that you and Jen are going through. I bet there are people reading that may be going through similarly difficult times, by reading your shared experiences, I’m sure it’s helping them out


  2. My company does food for hospitals and we have some in Canada. Hopefully it is not one of ours. If it is, sorry. There is only so much you can do if the doctors have the patient on any kind of restricted diet. If she isn’t on a restrictive diet, then again…sorry.


  3. I worked 9 years in food services in the hospital in Barrie. Not sure any more, but back when I worked there (8 years ago) we made pretty much everything from scratch. The best was the yorkshire pudding (back when I could digest beef) and the turkey dinners! I know hospital budgets have pared down, so likely the hospital has fallen victim to pre-fab food. Sorry Jen’s food sucks. I guess you’ll just have to keep treating her to some Tims!


  4. Hospital food is the worst – but I guess it’s motivation to get out of there and start recovering somewhere a little more comfortable. The hard work isn’t over yet but it sounds like your spirits are up and that’s good. Keep going!


  5. Great news. Totally unrelated but since u seem to be expert on Marillion can u recommend albums with h. Seems they are being re-released. I love the ones with Fish but the “new” guy does nothing for me. Could u point me to the best ones to try out?


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