Sunday Chuckle: Mike the Jedi


I was at Subway the other day.  The girl in line ahead of me turned and said, “Has anyone told you that you look like Mike Hamill?”

“I’m sorry, who?” I responded.

“Luke Skywalker,” came the answer.

“Oh!  MARK Hamill!  And yes!”

It’s true.  I’m frequently told I look like old Luke…when I have my beard, that is.  Lightsaber is optional.




        1. You and Bop are on fire this morning! Though to be fair, you had a head start, you’re already in the afternoon! Me, I’m ready to Roll Up the Rim on my first Tim Horton’s of the day.


        1. LOL! Someone has clearly already had their coffee this morning!

          Was just in the plaza with my old store a few hours ago. Selling DVDs 2 for $6. But it looked to me like most of the store was taken up by non-CDs now. Too bad. The DVDs alone may have taken up more floor than the CDs. And their vinyl selection was half of what Sunrise had.

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        2. I get the lack of vinyl. It’s still new to them.
          They also don’t have the huge buying power of the Sunrise chain.

          In fairness, I also find Sunrise to be filled with a ton of non music stuff. Tons of movies, clothing, knick knacks and junk I don’t look at. Plus Sunrise stores are much bigger, so they can have more music due to larger floorplan.

          The difference for me is the buying experience. I hate pop music shit, so I don’t want to listen to it while record shopping. However, since the biggest market is the teens in a mall, they appeal to that demographic. I have a teen girl, and she’s awesome, but I do find them to be quite annoying when they cramp me in the record bin area.

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        3. HAHAHAH! Good point.

          I do most of my shopping while the kids are still sleeping in, so that’s how I avoid that problem. Usually I run into guys my age, trying to make conversation! Which is fine. I don’t mind.

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        1. They’ll never come up with it.

          Funny enough — just said to Jen — “Good thing Trek isn’t on, because it would be our first ever Trek/Leafs conflict.” She’s under the impression Leads would win there. HAHAHAHAHA.

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