Sunday Chuckle: Frank Cannon

“You kinda remind me of Frank Cannon,” said the guy at work.

“Frank who?” I responded, and then googled the name. Frank Cannon was a Private Eye from a popular TV series, played by William Conrad.  I don’t think I look like Frank Cannon, but I think he was saying my girth reminded him of William Conrad’s.

Another guy at work did a photographic amalgamation.  Frank “LeBrain” Cannon can be seen below!




  1. 😁 Haha! Would you like to look like Frank Cannon? I do remember that show. I’ve had coworkers tell me I look like Anthony Hopkins. “Quid pro quo, Clarice.”

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        1. Yes! And it was Out Of A Deeper Hunger that you were Walking On Air. Your friends thought you were Desperate, but for a Tender Young Hero like you, Love Makes You Believe. Also, it’s always fun when the Giant becomes the Dragon…


  2. Don’t you just love people you work with? I used to listen to these old radio programs at night. William Conrad (You) was the voice of Paladin in ‘Have Gun Will Travel’. I don’t get the resemblance but it is a “chuckle”.

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