REVIEW: Guns N’ Roses – Acoustic Session in NY (1987 radio broadcast)

GUNS N’ ROSES – Acoustic Session in NY (1987 radio broadcast, Laser Media release)

Radio broadcasts of historic value can be found for dirt cheap.  Guns N’ Roses played an intimate set on October 30 1987 at CBGB’s in New York, and today you can own a CD of it just by being in the right Walmart.

The GN’R Lies EP was still over a year away but several tracks were previewed:  “Patience”, “Used to Love Her”, the acoustic version of “You’re Crazy” and the controversial “One in a Million”.  It was only the second time “One in a Million” had been played live and the audience doesn’t particularly react where you think they would.  They do, however, get quite a kick out of “Used to Love Her”.  According to Rolling Stone, there were about 100 people in the club that night.  They also got to hear the unfamiliar “Move to the City” and “Mr. Brownstone”.

The balance of the CD is from an unknown gig, fully plugged in: “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, a ferocious “My Michelle” and a very early cover of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by the original five.  Since you’re never poorer for owning vintage live Guns with Izzy and Steven, the three tracks are welcome bonuses (though a source listing would be nice).

3.5/5 stars

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    1. Apparently I had this on my Amazon wishlist. My sis bought it for Christmas! At one point I must have just put a bunch of radio broadcasts on there. She also bought me Van Halen 1975?!


  1. They should teach the greeters to hive a shout out to this cd.

    There are a few cd’s there I have never seen anywhere else. Most made in Mexico. I was on the fence about buying them. Figuring they might be sketchy.
    I yake it this one sounds fine.

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    1. Walmart has a 4cd set called Heavy Metal Box. It ‘s $18. For some reason it’s $50 on Discogs.
      Your old store has a used one priced at $28. I told them about the Walmart price but they don’t listen.

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        1. No, and ironically, “In the Mood” is one of the Rush songs that I have on a recent Rush radio broadcast record.

          Brian (Boppin) knows more about these things than I do, apparently they can be very hit and miss, but yes they do exist. Usually boasting something like “newly remastered from the original tapes” or some nonsense like that.

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        2. Can we start a band called The Fuck Cassettes? I reckon I can get us a couple of dates at church discos, kindergarten graduations and suchlike. I’ll play the bongos.

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        3. Cool – we should adapt the whole band name as surname thing too, it worked for the Donnas and the Ramones. I’d like to be known as Wolfgang Fuck Cassettes from here on in, please.


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