VHS Archives #53: Motley Crue interviews from Much Spotlight (1984-90)

You wanted the Dirt? We got the Dirt. The real Dirt, right from the horse’s mouth, not some actor who used to play Ramsay Bolton on Game of Thrones.

Image result for ramsay bolton gif

These clips were recorded from the Motley Crue Spotlight on MuchMusic in late 1990 and has three parts:

1. 1984 interview with Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil
2. 1985 interview with Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee
3. 1990 interview with Vince Neil

Subjects discussed include Motley Crue as the “good guys”, touring and drinking with Y&T, and Vancouver.


  1. It looks like they’re in desperate need of an intervention in those first two clips. They were never my cup of tea anyway. I liked their first two albums all right, but everything after was terribly inconsistent to my ears.

    It was actually Girls, Girls, Girls that pushed me to take most of the ’80s pop metal albums out of my collection. The title track came on and I just felt embarrassed listening to it. It seemed so juvenile, sexist, and gross. It’s not that I was offended, I just felt like I couldn’t relate to it in any way. Then again, a lot of my humor is pretty far down in the gutter, so who am I to judge? Different strokes for different folks. They have some cool songs like “Wild Side”, “Dancing on Glass”, “You’re All I Need”, and most of the aforementioned first two albums, but overall I don’t think they were any more respectable or consistent than say the much more maligned Ratt. Still way better than late ’80s Whitesnake though, that 1987 album makes me wanna hurl.

    Props to Vince for keeping his eyes on Erica’s face.


  2. I remember these ones as i had them taped as well…
    That first one from SATD is hilarious as they are beyond fried…
    but by 90 that has to be the best that Vince ever looked..he does not look washed up or anything (yet)


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