Intermission: Mail Call!

The mailman has been busy this last week or so.  Just look at the goodies!

LED ZEPPELIN – “Rock and Roll” / “Friends” Record Store Day single

DEF LEPPARD – Live at Abbey Road Studios 12″ Record Store Day EP

RAINBOW – Memories in Rock II Japanese CD – 2 bonus tracks

STRYPER – God Damn Evil Japanese CD – bonus track

STEPH HONDE – Covering the Monsters 

DALE SHERMAN – Mel Brooks FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About the Outrageous Genius of Comedy books – one for me, one for my dad’s 80th birthday!  SHHH don’t tell.  He doesn’t read this!







  1. Some very nice items there, Mike. Brooks being a genius, though? That’s a stretch… I’d be genuinely interested in reading how they established that (sorry!!)

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      1. Blazing Saddles, aye… but that’s the good thing about opinions here. And hey, I think Larry David is a genius and some would disagree with me…

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        1. I do too. Larry David is wonderful!

          The one caveat to my own opinions is, I’m easily amused. I’ve been told I throw around praise easily as well.


        2. Haha! That’s quite a thing to be told!

          I’m the opposite… a tad negative, but I’m always happy to throw superlatives around when I dig something.


      2. My mom took my brother and I to History Of The World Part 1 when we we not even teens because she thought it was an educational movie.

        Hahahahaha. So dirty at the time. Especially for my mom. Straight as they come.

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