REVIEW: Led Zeppelin – “Rock and Roll” / “Friends” (2018 RSD remix single)

Unreleased Led Zeppelin?!  You don’t say!

LED ZEPPELIN – “Rock and Roll” / “Friends” (2018 Atlantic Record Store Day single)

The hype for Record Store Day exclusives is as strong as ever, but most of these releases are just empty cash grabs.  Coloured vinyl reissues of this, that or the other thing…nothing will compete with a mint original.  Sometimes you’ll see vinyl releases for albums that used to be exclusive to CD, but rarely will you be able to buy exclusive music.

Led Zeppelin saw to it that your Record Store Day dollars did not go to waste.

And as if you thought Led Zeppelin had “cleared the vaults” of unreleased material!  Here’s two more unheard mixes.  These cannot be found on the Zeppelin deluxe editions.  If you’ve collected all those already, then prepare to add two more tracks to your collection.  This is a pretty clear indication that Jimmy Page is not finished dusting off old tapes to sell.

There are no liner notes to explain when these mixes were done or by whom, but “Rock and Roll” was mixed at Sunset Sound.  Alternate mixes are fun for a fresh sound on an old favourite.  You can hear different nuances.  “Rock and Roll” has a nice clear heavy sound and maybe a little more echo.  “Friends” (from Olympic Studios) has a harsher sound, with the percussion part prominent in the mix.  The old intro is trimmed off in favour of a clean start with the acoustic guitar.

The yellow vinyl is a gorgeous bonus.  Add it to your Zep treasure chest.

4/5 stars


Thanks to Mr. James for picking this up for me.  You are a true gentleman, with a creepy Facebook avatar.


  1. Yes, this is a great little disc. The sound is actually fantastic and that yellow vinyl is nothing short of beautiful. It is a nice little add to the collection. I am glad I got it. I believe it was the highest selling vinyl on RSD.

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    1. Gotta thank James for this one, he came through as he always does.

      I’m getting spoiled, getting these exclusives without having to actually go out on RSD….


  2. Yeah, this is a nice release… as you say, an actual non-reissue non-picture disc exclusive. Be interesting to learn if there are more of these Sunset Sound mixes… and it would be nice to know when these are from (lack of information likely suggests it’s probably 2017 or 2018).


  3. Sounds cool! I feel a little sad for Jimmy Page these days. Seems like he is just holding on to last gasps of Zeppelin waiting for Robert Plant to throw him a bone…


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