#679: Cancer Chronicles 12

The good news is that Jen’s recovery has been amazing. She virtually back to full strength and still getting stronger.

Thank God for this, because I don’t think we could handle any more bad news on top of what we already have.

Our other loved one who has cancer is…not doing well.  Surgery was successful but more spread has been found.  This news is fresh and we do not know the path forward.

The future is unknown.  There are new experimental treatments that might be effective.

We are trying to continue our lives as normally as possible.  Sausagefest is less than two months away.  Cottage season has begun.  We don’t want to live our lives in a cocoon and our loved one doesn’t want us to either.  But we are in a state of shell-shock and knowing how to feel or what to think is just not happening right now.


  1. Best wishes to Jen and the other family member. There’s always hope. I wrote a song last November against cancer in a We Are the World-vein, only cooler. Took Manowar as a primary influence and used literary apostrophe to wage a manly war on cancer. I’m really not a big Manowar fan (too many ballads), but I thought the style benefited the manly month. Never got past the lyrical stage though.

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    1. Oh that sounds amazing. I’m all for any battle-against-cancer songs right now.

      The hard thing for us is there are reminders EVERYWHERE. On TV, everywhere. As soon as you’re dealing with cancer you see it everywhere as a constant reminder.


    1. Deke you have been so awesome and encouraging right from day one…thank you brother.

      As for anything you can do, I make the same request I did of Sarca: got any good jokes? Laughter is the best medicine.


  2. That’s great news.

    Cancer is an awful, and unfortunately I’ve had bad experiences with it (my grandparents) over the past two years or so.

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