#691: A Face for Radio

GETTING MORE TALE #691:  A Face for Radio

I was at work, listening to a recording of Visions in Sound, Rob Daniels’ radio show about movie soundtracks and more.  It was the June 23 episode (show #924):  The Mockumentary, on which I guested.

One of the folks at work, who I call “Happy”, is a super guy but he doesn’t throw around compliments very readily.  He’d rather tease most of the time.  He happened to walk into my office while I was listening to the show.  He listened with me for a few minutes, and then began his speech.

“You know, you might be offended by what I have to say, but listen,” he began.  “You and I could be sitting in a bar and I would have no interest in anything you are talking about.  You like music, I like sports.  We have literally nothing in common to talk about.

“But you need to do a book, or a show, or something.  I have listened for two minutes, and I am already interested in what you’re talking about.  I don’t care about this stuff.  But you made me want to care.

“It was the same when you were on that other station, Dave FM.  We were listening here at work when you were on.  I don’t care about any of that music, but you make it interesting.

“It’s like when I am watching soccer with my wife.  There can be an amazing British commentator talking about it, and I am so into what he is saying.  My wife, she does not care.  Not at all.  But you, you can talk in such a way that you make it interesting for people who do care, and people who are not interested at all.

“You have a gift, and you need to be on a show, or do a book.  And if you’re offended by this I don’t care!”

Offended?  Not at all!

Gimme a show.  Any show.  I’ll be there.



  1. I figured from the start of this site, waaaay back in the day, that you’d turn it into a book eventually. Or you could do a podcast, right from your house. Talk about whatever you like….

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    1. And guess what — back when I was sending you all the early chapters of the early book? I found a bunch and I’m going to post the “lost chapters”.


      1. It’ll be good for me to re-read all of that stuff… that was a long time ago, back in the early days of your site! Or was some of it even BEFORE you started posting? I can’t even remember!

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        1. Waaaay before. I had a different name back then! I won’t spoil what it was. Let’s just say it’s a real “WTF was I thinking?” name. I can’t wait for you to see this stuff again.


  2. Podcast on that Spreaker thing, man. I have a pal that started doing that… he’s had a show on a few indie stations and web stations since. Or do something on YouTube, man… why the Hell not?

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