Sunday Chuckle: Unwanted Passenger

One of the guys at work is a real joker.  The kind when you’re never quite sure if he’s joking or serious.  For the purpose of this story, we’ll call him “Happy”.  I went out to grab some lunch at Harvey’s.  I came back to the office, and Happy was standing there talking on his cell phone.  I nodded hello when I pulled in and he ignored me, seemingly deep in his phone call.

My car has electric locks.  I usually hit the button that opens all doors, out of habit.  As I got out of the car clutching my hot burger and cold drink, he climbed in the passenger side and closed the door behind him.  He continued to talk on his phone ignoring me.  I stood there perplexed.  Did he just get into my car and close the door?  Yes, there he is right now, talking on his phone.  I decided not to be baited by his prank and walked into the office.

I looked out the window — he was still there in my car!   I went up to my buddy Chris and said, “Dude, Happy is my car right now.  I have no idea why.  Go look.  He’s sitting right there.”  And there he was.  Chris was just as confused as I was!  Happy has a unique sense of humour!

Happy eventually stepped out and I never acknowledged it to him.  Just a weird day at the office!


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