Sunday Chuckle: Bloody Thumb

While attempting to cap my favourite red pen, I jammed it right in the corner of my left thumbnail.  It bled for a bit, but do you think I let this interfere with my work?  Of course not!  I took a call from a customer a few minutes after.

Customer:  “Hey Mike, how are you doing?”

Me:  “Real good thanks!  Well actually, I just stabbed myself with my pen, trying to put the cap on.”

Customer:  “Oh man…after all those years of practising with pens.”

I laughed pretty hard!


  1. Just found this…Foreigner; Flesh Wound lyrics that go:
    Nothin’ but a flesh wound
    It tore me apart and I still can’t sleep
    I’ve got no choice, I must be strong
    Can’t lie here thinkin’ about it all night long
    It’s nothin’ but a flesh wound….”

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