#716: Hummer


Towards the end of my time at the Record Store, I saw a lot of what I call “bigwigs” floating in and out.  These well-dressed business men would be visiting with the boss to discuss wheeling and dealing.  They all had one thing in common:  they ignored the working stiff behind the counter as if he didn’t exist.

One of these guys was in one afternoon, and as he was leaving, he said “Let me go get one of my business cards from my Hummer.”


You couldn’t have just said “Let me go get one of my business cards?”  You had to add the part about your $100,000 pollution machine too?  Usually, I just say “I’ll go get it from my car.  I don’t say “It’s in my Pontiac G5, let me go get it.”  Because I don’t care and you shouldn’t either.  But some guys think they are what they drive, I guess:  big suck machines?

These kinds of people really chapped my ass, but I guess it’s very hip-hop to boast about wealth.  Not very rock and roll, but just another day at the Record Store.


  1. To me, to have to announce the type of vehicle, it screams insecurity.
    Sort of like the scene in Anchorman where Will Ferrell is trying to impress Christina Applegate, “I have several leather bound books..” – it seems closer to pathetic than impressive!

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    1. Sad. I’m not a very material person. I mean, I LOVE my possessions…my toys and books and albums. But I don’t think that’s the same. That’s a whole other mental problem!


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