Get Well Soon, Fritz Hinz

Helix drummer Greg “Fritz” Hinz had an accident at home.  He fell off a roof, fractured his skull and broke some vertebrae.  He is in a medically induced coma.  Injuries are supposed to be non-life threatening.

According to Helix singer Brian Vollmer, Fritz has a lot of rehab ahead.  All our thoughts and prayers are with the Hinz family as they deal with Greg’s health.




    1. He was so excited when I met him to sign all of my stuff. Most rockers sort of complain since I usually have so much to sign. Not Fritz.
      He was genuinely happy. Especially when he signed my copy of Live At The Marquee.
      Such a nice dude. I really hope he can pull through and get back to banging the skins.


    1. Well the prognosis is he should be able to make a recovery but it’s gonna be a long road for him. A lot of physio, a lot of rehab. Helix are throwing a fundraiser for him. They have a fill-in drummer, but they’re very clear: this is a fill-in. He’s not the “new” drummer, Fritz IS the drummer.


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