Interview: HELLO HOPELESS – November 2018

HELLO HOPELESS CD release – Dark Pasts, Brighter Futures – November 30 2018

At the Boathouse in Kitchener (57 Jubilee Drive, Kitchener, Ontario)


    1. I said to them, “now squeeze together so you can both be in the frame” and that’s how I did it! LOL

      Glad you enjoyed it, it’s the first video interview I’ve done and I am mostly happy with how it turned out.

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        1. Very hard! And get this…I forgot my list of questions! But I had them all memorized, not that it mattered because it flowed really easy. I ended up only forgetting one question, which was “Who made you pick up the guitars in the first place?”

          I also dropped one question which is we got into a discussion about Threatin. But that subject is being beaten to death online.

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        2. Well ya did well…thats the great thing getting up at 5am once I let the dogs outside and feed them and brew my first coffee I always hit WordPress and see what my peeps are posting…
          When I seen the you had video I thought cool and than whoah Mikeys doing video interviews…hahaha

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        3. Hopefully not the last one! Horton’s isn’t the best setting but where do you go in Canada during the winter? LOL

          Remember Much used to interview people outside sometimes…and you could tell when it was cold out…

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    1. Thanks man, I hate listening to myself talk, but I’m so happy with how this turned out! I’ve done bad interviews before…I think my Brian Vollmer interview sucks…but this was a good one.


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