Sunday Chuckle: The Long Road

It has been a long hard road for Jen and I this whole year.  It’s Sunday though, and that means a Sunday Chuckle, not a Sunday Mope!  A few days ago, Jen finished cleaning out her mom’s house.  We found some incredible stuff there.  One of the books (from her dad’s collection) is over 200 years old.  A few others were dated from the 1800s.  Lots of cool stuff, but….

Also some not-so-cool stuffs.

Some context:

In the penultimate episode of Record Store Tales (Part 319: The Musical Crimes of LeBrain), my wife made fun of me for owning one song by Nickelback.  The controversial Canadian quartet appeared on the ZZ Top tribute album A Tribute From Friends, performing (of all songs) “Legs”.  Quite badly!  She mocked me by writing, “Three words: MIKE OWNS NICKELBACK!”  [Bold and underlining are hers.]

This is what I found in her old bedroom.  You can tell it’s hers by the rainbow wallpaper.

There you have it.  I had a song, but you had the poster, baby.  You had the poster.

Still love you most though!



  1. Never got into nickleback, but did quite like the songs ‘burn it to the ground’ and ‘leader of men’ if they’d come on music tv channels between bands I did like.

    My mum bought the album Silver Side Up though, that was pretty rubbish.

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  2. There is exactly one Nickleback song among my dad’s whole collection and none among my significantly smaller one. It’s on a compilation as well.

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  3. I her defense I found that the special edition has these:
    12. “Hero” (Limited edition bonus track) from Spiderman
    14. “Slow Motion” (From The Punisher Soundtrack)
    16. “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” (( Elton John cover) Ft. Kid Rock and Dimebag Darrell)???? Is this true?

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  4. Oh man I own Nickelback… they’re on a bunch of the Big Shiny Tunes collections, and one Harley Davidson road rawk-type compilations I have. No albums though, so I feel like they snuck into my house but there wasn’t much I could do about it.

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