#729.3: Frank’s Mysterious Top 10 of 2018

Frank is the resident Sausagefest Man of Mystery.  We don’t really know anything about Frank.  We do know he likes to rock.  He also likes movies and TV series.  Here are his favourites from 2018.  Now you know as much about Frank as we do! ***


  • Ghost:  Prequelle / “Faith”
  • Judas Priest: Firepower / “Flame Thrower” *
  • Evergrey: The Atlantic /A Silent Arc”
  • Lamb of God: Legion: XX / “Jesus Built My Hot Rod”
  • Jack White: Boarding House Reach / “Over and Over and Over”
  • Nine Inch Nails: “Ahead of Ourselves”
  • Greta Van Fleet:  “Age of Man”
  • Ayreon: The Best of Ayreon Live / “Star of Sirrah”
  • Godsmack: When Legends Rise / “Take It to the Edge”
  • Behemoth: I Loved You at Your Darkest / “Bartzabel”


* LeBrain’s note – I fucking LOVE that he put “Flame Thrower” on his list.  I didn’t care for it much when the album came out, but now it’s my favourite track too!



  • Aquaman
  • Deadpool 2
  • Bohemain Rhapsody
  • Solo
  • Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse


* LeBrain’s note:  Uncle Meat put Solo on his list too.  I’m “frankly” surprised.


  • Altered Carbon
  • Disenchantment
  • Lost in Space
  • Castlevania
  • Bert Kreischer: Secret Time


*** The “Man of Mystery” thing is a nickname.  Frank likes to keep a low profile but yes, we do know Frank.  We know enough for blackmail, anyway!


  1. I didn’t know Aquaman had come out. I love how DC turned a campy hero into what looks like a Game of Thrones reject, and made him all dark and brooding like they did in the Justice Leaague movie. Why does every hero have to be tragic now? I’d like a remake of Blankman and Meteor Man, with them both stone faced, brooding, and pensive. I want no fun at the movies.

    Man, I’ve been really critical lately. I’m sorry, I will say Bohemian Rhapsody really impressed me. I had a lot more fun at that movie than I anticipated. Many historical liberties taken to make the band members look like saints, but it was very entertaining.

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    1. I had a great time at the movie too. The problem however, is that Bohemian Rhapsody is a great movie for a night out at the cinema, but really doesn’t have much value as a dvd, because frankly you could watch a proper Queen concert in the time you could watch the movie, and with the historical liberties, you won’t gain any insight into the band.

      Okay, let’s end that sentence there before it becomes a whole paragraph

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        1. There were several pointless annoying little inaccuracies too. In the movie, they play “Fat Bottomed Girls” on their first U.S. tour way before it came out on Jazz, and they don’t write “We Will Rock You” until 1980. Really irritating to guys like you and me, changes for absolutely no reason. Also all the members except Freddie refusing to party because they have wives is stupid revisionism from a band that had too much involvement in the final product.

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        2. Simply put … Bohemian Rhapsody was not made for us music geeks. It was made to be shared with a general audience. Everyone knows about Mercury’s debauchery. Didn’t need to be the focal point of the movie . Frankly, I like that May and Taylor didn’t throw their dead friend under the bus. I’m sure you can find some Behind the Music expose to get your fill of that.


      1. The acclaim of Nolan’s Batman put DC on the serious train, eh? Plus, Marvel have nailed the whole thing by getting the balance right, so DC are up against it regardless.

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        1. I loved Nolan’s Batman because he tried to make Batman into a character that could exist in our world. Stuff like ordering the prototype masks, etc. I thought Nolan did an amazing job at putting Batman in our world. Before the Joker blew it up that is!

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        2. Exactly, aye… I love the Nolan Batman flicks (well, mostly… I still think the final instalment was a huge letdown).


        1. The one guy who bitched and complained about “paying your rock and roll taxes” on time for every Sausagefest…was LAST to get his list in…in fact I’m still waiting for the file! LOL So yes…there will be commenting.

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