VHS Archives #6: Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. interview (1986)

This video comes from popular Facebook vote!  Stone from Metal Odyssey, Max the Axe, and your Heavy Metal Overlord all voted for Blackie Lawless as our next VHS Archive.

In this interview (estimated to be from 1986 based on the date of the tape), Blackie is confronted by MuchMusic’s Erica Ehm about W.A.S.P.’s stage show.  Lawless is strangely awkward and makes very little eye contact with anyone. It’s the 1980s and so Satanism must be denied.  Check it out!


Who would you like to see next in the VHS Archives?  Vote in the comments from the artists below!

  1. Faith No More (Billy & Roddy) 1992
  2. Bruce Dickinson 1986
  3. Kiss (full band) 1992
  4. Queensryche (Wilton & DeGarmo) 1990
  5. Steve Vai 1990


  1. Blackie could come across as a pretty articulate fellow as one who could it seem separate the stage show from real life..
    Having said I don’t know how he treats people but back than seemed decent enough I suppose. Just don’t ask x-members of WASP I suppose..haha

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    1. If I can find the 1989 interview I have with Blackie, you’ll be impressed. He talks how W.A.S.P. went serious.

      A fan came up to him and said “Your song B.A.D.” make me quit smack. The line ‘it’s the bloody fix you do’ made me quit.”

      Blackie says “That song had nothing to do about drugs. That guy quit drugs and we didn’t even try. What could we do if we tried?”

      That interview was with Erica too and it was like night and day compared to this one.

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        1. Even with the missing tapes I have about 8 more on the computer ready to go! I’m gonna blast out at least 2 more today. Then tomorrow is a music video analysis…and I think you know what it is.


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