VHS Archives #7: Ugly Kid Joe interview (1992)

By request of Jay.

Ziggy Lorenc usually hosted soft rock on MuchMusic, but this time she got to talk to Dave Fortman and Whitfield Crane of Ugly Kid Joe! The guys discuss the video for their hit “Neighbor” and the memorable back cover of the America’s Least Wanted CD.


Who would you like to see next in the VHS Archives?  Vote in the comments from the artists below!

  1. Faith No More (Billy & Roddy) 1992
  2. Bruce Dickinson 1986
  3. Kiss (full band) 1992
  4. Queensryche (Wilton & DeGarmo) 1990
  5. Steve Vai 1990


  1. UKJ were cool guys. They blew Slaughter off the stage when UKJ was the first band opening for OZZY back in July/1992…
    I still remember them playing Neighbour and just wanting to hear the new album than..haha
    Loved Mr Recordman..great track

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    1. Seems Ziggy was struggling a bit to keep them on topic but they’re funny guys.

      I have a live Slaughter TV performance…not sure about the legalities of posting that stuff… but I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes.

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        1. I found Ozzy too, live on a Halloween special doing No More Tears. Meat says I should post it.

          I KNOW I have Slaughter with Dan Gallagher wandering around Toronto, if I can find the tape from 89-90.

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