VHS Archives #10: KISS band interview 1992

In 1992, MuchMusic introduced a new Saturday show called Start Me Up that focused on rock.  It helped make up for the diminished Power 30.  It got to the point that Start Me Up was the show to watch for rock and metal, since the Power 30 detoured into grunge and thrash.

Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer of KISS dropped in one afternoon on the Revenge tour.  It’s a strange, stiff interview compared to past KISS appearances on MuchMusic.  Paul Stanley seems to want to answer all of Eric’s questions and aside from Bruce, everyone’s awkward.

By request of reader KK, enjoy this strange Kiss interview from 1992!


      1. What happened was my brother seen the show in Vancouver August 1990. He called me the day after going ‘Kiss is playing Thunder Bay in October” as the dates are on the back of a t shirt Todd had bought..
        The next day I called our Gardens they said they had a tentative date for October 8 1990..I thought Score as me and Tbone had Tickets for ZZ Top on October 7th 1990 in Winnipeg …
        So mine and Tbone’s plan was to go to Winnipeg on October 5th as KISS was playing Winnipeg on the 6th. So our trip would look like this…

        KISS-Winnipeg-Oct 6th-
        ZZ TOP- Winnipeg Oct 7th
        KISS-Thunder Bay Oct 8

        Basically a 7-9 hour drive from Winnipeg to Tbay…so we had our ZZ tickets and after a week or so early September I called the Gardens here in Tbay and they told me the date was scrapped…
        I called Winnipeg Arena and they told me the same thing…
        ZZ Top was still a go and we went as you know but man how would have that been for Thanksgiving Weekend October 1990!


  1. Those people outside are obnoxious. They’re like wild animals, do they think they’re going to win the band over with that behavior? They’re pressing up against the glass like Bobcat in Burglar, only when he did it, it was hilarious.

    Obligatory Bobcat worship.

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  2. Oh man, I remember this! I remember it was a huge deal that Sudbury got a shout out from Gene! Then it kept going back and forth on if they were actually going do a show in Sudbury. I don’t think they did. At the time I wasn’t sure what to make of Kiss yet. I became a hater much later, lol

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    1. A lot of this stuff is just them answering questions by rote. You hear Paul mention Moncton and Saskatoon every time he’s asked about Canadian towns.

      Not the best interview they’ve ever done. Hopefully I will find Paul in 1990 with Dan Gallagher, and Gene with Erica Ehm in 1988.

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      1. Yeah, the stripper talk got a little awkward there too. It was kind of a dumb question to ask them if you know you’re not going to like the answer. Sudbury get some big acts sometimes. 2 or 3 years will go by with nothing, then suddenly Elton John, Cher, Green Day, or Dire Straits will show up. So anytime the town gets a mention people go a little nuts.

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  3. thank u, thank u. I though Gene looked really cool in this period.He looked evil as opposed to teddy bear demon look..Nothing to worry about, it’s the spring comin on. Listening to Sonic Boom at the moment.

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    1. They say that Gene was lost, image wise, after they took off the makeup. He moved weird on stage, didn’t know how to act, used feminine makeup. Not until he grew the beard did he look comfortable in his own skin.


    1. It’s good, but I’ll tell you something interesting. I have a thumb drive at work with all the Kiss albums on it. That one doesn’t really click with me at work. Don’t know why. The first six, plus the disco albums, work best at work!


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