VHS Archives #13: Two Rob Halford interviews (1990)

Two fantastic, historic clips for you today, featuring the “Metal God” himself, Rob Halford of Judas Priest!

First up, from MuchMusic’s news show called FAX, Steve Anthony talks to Rob about the Judas Priest suicide trial.  They also talk Priest’s new album Painkiller.  (The anchor of the FAX show is Monica Deol.)

Second, and most important: Dan Gallagher visits the Scarborough rehearsal hall where Priest were gearing up for their Painkiller tour! Rob is friendly and engaged for this top-notch interview. Halford co-hosts the Pepsi Power Hour with Dan, and talks about his passion for new heavy bands like Pantera (he’s wearing the shirt), Love/Hate, and Suicidal Tendencies. They also discuss the trial, the drummer change, education, and reading. “I consume books,” says Rob. You’ll be impressed with Rob’s answers especially where the trial is concerned.

Rob picked all the music for the show, and while I didn’t include the music in the VHS Archive, you can at least find out what bands and songs Rob picked! (Hint: heavy bands!)

Also look for a Painkiller tour ad during one of the commercial breaks — I kept that in.


        1. I wanted to hang out with Rob and Dan! That’s how they made it feel, watching them!

          Anthony was fried a lot. I think he had a coke problem and got fired in the 90s. The Bret Michaels interview I have coming is kinda telling. He’s obviously irritated by the fans banging on the window.

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        2. Do you remember “Autohenge”? It was near Toronto, a Stonehenge made of cars? He did a Power Hour from there wearing a Viking outfit, I swear the guy looked like he was overdoing it to the point of heart attack city.

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        3. My good buddy Scott disliked Michael Williams because he tried to squeeze Living Color into every episode. LOL He did like to play Living Color a lot. But he was good, I have good stuff on tape with him coming I hope.

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        4. LC was a great band so I have no problem with that whatsoever if what your pal said about em was true..but give Williams credit he know’s his rock and always prepped for his interviews …

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        5. Thats very true Mikey. Willaims for a VJ could adapt to any situation and come across as a fan of that genre…
          A lot of them could not do it…Williams/Roberts/Gallagher could…
          I still laugh at the interview with Van Halen that the British VJ did. Was his name SImon? I remember EVH asking him if he was a Tea Bag…

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        6. Simon…yeah…Jeez and somebody on the Power Hour called him a “teabag”! Who called him a teabag? I can’t remember now! I might have that on a tape. Can’t remember his last name. He did 80s alternative music.

          You know who I forgot about…he only hosted the Power Hour once. But it was THE best episode ever. I think Daniel Richler was the best host the Power Hour had. One segment had the camera upside down, because hey. Why not.


  1. Great stuff! I could listen to Rob all day! Imagine that show with Priest, Megadeth and Testament….

    Now, the TV guy in me is annoyed at where the teleprompter is placed in the first video. It should not be off to the side of the camera as it makes it look like the anchor is staring off into space. Much Music could be innovative back in the day, but some of the stuff they did gave me a major headache.

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        1. I’m so happy. Some of these interviews are just as good as I remember them, if not better. Alice is one. So funny. And they tackle serious subjects too. But really really funny. What a character. In a lot of cases, these interviews made me a serious fan. I really loved Alice after seeing the interview.

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    1. Nooo worries man. I realize I am bombarding people with a lot of video these days. I’m watching about 2 hours of video per night, grabbing everything that isn’t on you tube. The stuff that is still to come will blow your mind.


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