VHS Archives #14: Stryper on the Power Hour (1990)

On location in Hollywood, MuchMusic spoke to Tim Gaines and Oz Fox of Stryper about their new album Against the Law!  Cast your memories back to 1990.  Stryper told the bold step of dropping the Christian lyrics and yellow-and-black outfits.  It was a move that they expressed regret about later, but check out the young Stryper’s perspective in this interesting Power Hour clip.


  1. Congrats to Robert Sweet (who wins the Journey lets pretend where playing our instruments like the Separate Ways video Award)who in the video plays the drums with his hands and no sticks…

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        1. Just got him on tape now, talking to Queensryche.

          Champniss was on top of things. In Jan 91 he was asking them about the Seattle scene. “Soundgarden and Sub-pop”. This is a solid 6-7 months before anybody was asking about Seattle.

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  2. Strange thing with me was that it was the Christian lyrics that turned my attention to Stryper. I was never converted by them but I could listen to them and Satanic groups like Mercyful Fate in one sitting. Shame they abandoned that.

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