VHS Archives #17: ZZ Top talk to Much (1990)

ZZ Top sat with MuchMusic’s Terry David Mulligan to discuss the making of 1990’s Recycler, and their cameo in Back to the Future III.

These segments were recorded from a Much Spotlight.


        1. Wow, Sleeping Bag, I thought that would be the hardest song off Afterburner to translate to the live setting. But only those two songs, and Rough Boy from one of their best albums. It’s confusing.


        1. At one point the Crowes were opening for ZZ. I saw Chris Robinson in a magazine saying “Billy and Dusty would be back stage, playing blues licks on acoustics with nothing but a pick and a slide. Then the show starts and they go out with programs and furry guitars, they were so disappointing on tour.”

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      1. Not even close Mikey..I think Linden is correct in saying he programmed the drums off of a drum machine and Frank flipped out when he hear the final mix..
        Than 6 years later he sits there and Yammers on about it playing live…

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        1. Maybe in rehearsals they did, and maybe they programmed the drums based on how Frank played in rehearsals, but that’s stretching what he said in the video very far.

          Yeah this one has sat weird with me for years so it’s nice to FINALLY actually discuss it with somebody!

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