Hello! My Name is Blotto

I love what we do — talking about the rock that makes us roll!

There are some perks that make it extra-special.  A few months ago, I was contacted by Paul Rapp, Esq., known to readers here as F Lee Harvey Blotto!  As you’re probably aware, last summer I was on a huge Blotto kick.  I raved about the band and began collecting in earnest.  Thanks to the magic of the internet, F Lee found my reviews and liked them enough to email me.  I learned that while I didn’t care of “Stop! In the Name of Love”, it is one of his favourites!  He pointed out that the drums are a terrific homage to Clem Burke on “Heart of Glass”.  Perhaps it’ll grow on me!

Mr. Blotto sent me this awesome T-shirt and I wore it to work on casual Friday. Thank you sir for this. Not only is it cool as hell, but I was out of clean laundry too!

What do you think of “Stop! In the Name of Love”? Let me know in the comments below!



    1. Dude I’m so proud to rock this shirt! I’m hoping to wear it next time Aaron and I go to TARANNA because that’s where I got my first Blotto last year! This wouldn’t have happened if not for Mr. NOTEBOOKS!

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