VHS Archives #65: Bon Jovi full band interview – original lineup (1992)

I’ve been teasing this one for a few weeks.  It’s rare to get interviews with anyone from the original lineup of Bon Jovi other than Jon and Richie.  It’s even rarer to get a full band interview.

Michael Williams hosted all five members on MuchMusic’s Start Me Up program, before the release of Keep the Faith in 1992.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

Jon Bon Jovi,
Richie Sambora,
David Bryan,
Tico Torres,
and Alec John Such.



        1. We got a modem about a year later, and I could fax people from my computer…but who was I supposed to fax? I knew two people who had fax machines at work. I wasn’t gonna start faxing them!

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        2. I used to go into my old work extra early to fax resumes out to other places.

          Suck it old work place.

          I got one of those dual fax/copier machines about 10 years ago. I’ve never used the fax portion.
          My guess is email/scanning has gotten rid of a lot of need for faxing.


        3. The thing about faxing your buddies at work is who reads it before they do.

          You send them dirty drawings and the secretary brings it to them. Oops.


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