VHS Archives #65: Bon Jovi full band interview – original lineup (1992)

I’ve been teasing this one for a few weeks.  It’s rare to get interviews with anyone from the original lineup of Bon Jovi other than Jon and Richie.  It’s even rarer to get a full band interview.

Michael Williams hosted all five members on MuchMusic’s Start Me Up program, before the release of Keep the Faith in 1992.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

Jon Bon Jovi,
Richie Sambora,
David Bryan,
Tico Torres,
and Alec John Such.



        1. We got a modem about a year later, and I could fax people from my computer…but who was I supposed to fax? I knew two people who had fax machines at work. I wasn’t gonna start faxing them!

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        2. I used to go into my old work extra early to fax resumes out to other places.

          Suck it old work place.

          I got one of those dual fax/copier machines about 10 years ago. I’ve never used the fax portion.
          My guess is email/scanning has gotten rid of a lot of need for faxing.


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