STAR WARS: The Rise of Skywalker – Teaser

Of all the titles available, The Rise of Skywalker was the last thing I expected Episode IX to be called.

The end of a saga. Over 40 years of movies. We never thought there would be a sequel trilogy. Now we’re winding it up, and the whole damn saga too!

Which Skywalker will rise? What’s with the Death Star? The Emperor’s laugh? LANDO! Set course for December.


      1. Just doesn’t do it for me. Doesn’t flow too well for me.

        But just off the top of my head, I think I’d prefer “Destiny of the Force” or something similar.

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      2. Sorry, but I think that The War to End All Wars is even more unwieldy than Rise of the Skywalker and just not a very awe inspiring title. Sorry.

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        1. I dunno which one. Both seemed to be obliterated pretty much entirely, so maybe it was the secret third death star :)

          But looking at the trailer footage, my head says that the planet looks more like Yavin than Endor, but my heart say Death Star 2 would be more appropriate given Palpatine’s presence on it

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        2. Yes yes yes. Agreed 100% with everything you said. Well said.

          They did look pretty obliterated, but you can imagine large pieces of debris being in space for years before falling back down to the moon of Endor, or Yavin. However, would it have burned up in atmosphere? Ahh who cares!

          That piece either crashed in an ocean, or created a massive crater lake (which would look cool in approaching shots).

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        3. But I can’t imagine (nor can I see in the actual movies) a piece that big surviving the explosions.

          Aww what the hell, I’m just being too pedantic, it will make a good shot and that’s what matters I guess

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        4. Yes it’s absolutely more about the visual. If we really wanted to get picky we could go all the way back to the dietary needs of a giant space slug.

          Besides there will be secondary fiction that “explains” all that stuff anyway.

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  1. I like the title. It seems like J.J. trying to do a little damage control with all the subverting expectations in Episode VIII. It seems to me that J.J. Abrahams Lincoln and Rian Andrew Johnson were trying to move the franchise in conflicting directions, and that this movie is going to have to either go with what Johnson did or spend a lot of exposition (some Dune level exposition) trying to undo everything that Rian did.

    You know what I need? I need a Wes Anderson directed movie about Luke’s time on Tatooine starring Owen Wilson as Luke, Bill Murray as Uncle Owen, Alec Baldwin as Ben Kanobi/Narrator, and Gwyneth Paltrow as the love interest field hand across the way.

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    1. I just watched The Last Jedi again. The big problem is Rian Johnson didn’t understand he was making the second movie in a finite trilogy. Too many tangents and not enough racing towards the final conclusion of a saga. Stuff like Palpatine should have began building in TLJ. But sadly Palps seems to be a “fixit” move since Rian wasn’t thinking about the saga.

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      1. Its not that I’m hater, I love those films, especially Empire, maybe I’m just being stubborn. Especially the Prequel films, what I have seen of them makes me not want to visit them, though I dig on a taste of Mace Windu from time to time and the lightsaber stuff is great, very well choreographed. I read the sagas to my kid all the time, he loves the whole lore of the series. Maybe I should just watch the latest ones, but I don’t want to be like…dissapointed. For the record I saw all the original’s in the theater as a kid. Apparently after the first one I turned to my dad and said, ‘that was a true story” I was like, what…5? haha The old theater (since demolished and now hosts a giant freaking Dicks Sporting Goods) was one of those dome theater jobs that I saw (almost) all those great great epics til about 91 or so.

        Check this out, for some vintage shit.

        Come to think of it, doesn’t that kinda look like the inside of the Death Star?? lol

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        1. That WAS a true story! I believe there was some non-canon fiction where George Lucas discovers the Journal of the Whills in a meteorite that hit his back yard. He spent years translating them and making them into movies! I loved that concept.

          That DOES look like the eye of the Death Star there!

          Speaking of non-canon fiction, there was going to be a novel that tied every Lucas movie together. Richard Dreyfuss from American Graffiti finds he his mental powers (the force)…people start calling him the Sky Walker. Later on he has a descendant named THX-1138. Indiana Jones was in the same universe as Dreyfuss, so next they pulled in Willow too. I loved the craziness of that idea. It would probably make for a shitty story, but hey.


  2. Right. I watched this yesterday and thought “mnah”. I just can’t get excited about it. They fucked it and as a result they’re doing a ‘oh-shit-throw-a-bandage-on-it’ finale.

    So, we either have Rey being Kylo’s sister or Kylo’s rise to being a good guy… or the return of Hayden Christiansen. YES!!!

    It makes sense that Palpatine is around, as Snoke was useless and we all know there are always two. Anyhoo, now I’m a wee bit excited. But only cause that’s it done with.

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    1. Hayden will be back…I can feel it!

      I think Kylo is the Skywalker who will rise. They’ll discover the Emperor is the REAL bad guy and they need Kylo to help stop him. This explains why we see two factions of stormtroopers in the poster maybe? The Emperor has his own?

      I agree that they fucked it and called JJ to put a band-aid over it. I agree. Their mistake was letting Rian Johnson have creative control. He obviously didn’t appreciate the position he was in, writing the 8th of 9 episodes. So close to the finish line, you have to BUILD, not destroy!


  3. At the end of the trailer when it says….no one’s ever really gone”, and then, we hear this eerie cackling laugh, ask yourself: doesn’t that laugh sound very much like—–Palpatine! ? And, two special bonus questions: While Kylo Ren grew up and was seduced/used by Supreme Leader Snoke after Luke went into exile…… 1. Why hasn’t Emporer Palpatine never mentioned Snoke, who was older, and still living?—-and—2. Why has Luke never mentioned Snoke?

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    1. Hopefully we will get all those answers? I hope.

      I have my guesses, but just guesses.

      1. Palpatine may have had his eyes on Snoke, or maybe Snoke could have been a secret apprentice.

      2. This is where things get fuzzy. Luke was aware of Snoke, it seems, when Kylo turned. But he didn’t do anything about Snoke? Confusing….


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