#781: What Happened to C-3PO’s Hand? (Video story)

GETTING MORE TALE #781: What Happened to C-3PO’s Hand? The Story

Pardon the volume on this video, I really struggled with it and then said “fuck it”.


  1. The C-3P0 figure really got the shaft. Mine fell in a cup full of coffee and later became a sort of silver colour. My cousin Brad’s got run over by his Mom’s wheelchair. My friend Richard’s got buried and then later run over by a lawn mower.

    Poor C-3P0.


  2. You’re right kids will be kids, poor C-3PO! Your presentation has me lamenting over the toys I destroyed as a child that would be collector’s items and worth some money. Major Matt Mason, Mattel’s Man in Space comes to mind here but oh well. That’s probably why I have never taken my Gandalf figure out of its box.


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