NEWS: When ‘The End’ is Not the End – The Return of Motley Crue


Tommy:  “Hey guys, how do we sell this farewell tour to our fans?”

Mick:  “Let’s call it The End so everybody knows this is the last one.”

Tommy:  “Good idea, but that isn’t what I meant.  How do we sell it so that they believe it?  We don’t want to be accused of doing this for the money, like Ozzy, Kiss and the Who.”

Nikki:  “How about…how about we sign contracts stating that we’ll never tour as Motley Crue ever again?  We’ll do it publicly; it’ll be great for the tour.”

Vince:  “Do I have to sing?”


Motley Crue: “Let’s not just rip the contract up, let’s blow it up.  CA-CHING!  For the fans!”


Motley Crue will return to the stage (and your credit card statements) with Poison and Def Leppard.  Excited?  Disappointed?  Indifferent?  Let us know in the comments.


  1. I have mixed feelings.

    They played a The End show near me, and I didn’t go due to Vince being notoriously poor live (plus being broke at the time, plus it being difficult to get time off work in my last job).

    I thought a Crue show where they won’t play my favourite songs, and where the vocals are poor isn’t value for money.

    But I did in all fairness regret not going ever since.

    I kinda want to see them.

    On the other hand, the touring cessation and going back on it is the most bogus thing in the history of rock and it leaves such a sour taste in the mouth.

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        1. HAHAHAHA! LeBrain Fart. I knew something was wrong there.

          I actually played the album today, Feelgood.

          Shout is great, but I really love Motley 94 man. Motley 94 was one of the best albums in a year that included Purple and Superunknown!


        2. If I had to listen to one post Shout, I’d go with 94. Too Fat for Love is my favorite by some distance though.

          P.S. you promised a turkey on the last article. I want one! Thanksgiving is next Thursday.


        3. I’d love to make parodies with you, but earlier today I performed in a one act play that I also wrote and directed. So my brain is toast right now from all the tension and stress that has been lifted off my shoulders.

          Long story short, I’m not a fan. And I’ll try to be as magnanimous as possible. Judge not and all.


  2. Inevitable really.

    Caught the “farewell” show near me and took the missus and #1 son as they’d not seen Crue and Alice is always good value. But even though I could plainly see where my ticket money had gone (Vince’s food before the show? OUCH!) Vince’s voice was truly shit and the show was padded by stuff like Nikki’s endless story about his Grandad’s pen knife (or something), so I’m not paying again.

    Good luck to them, but I’m done with bands doing the farewell thing for decades on end and cynically mining every last coin they can out of hard-working fan bases. It’s not for the fans and as soon as people wise up and realise that there are other younger and greater bands out there who aren’t raking in the cash hand over fist who could do with some of the money spent on stupid “special anniversary edition” album releases and “farewell again” tours the better.

    Sermon over!

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    1. Well said. I’ve noticed the reaction from everybody but die hard Crue heads is negative. The Crue heads seem to think it’s great. The rest of us are definitely negative.


  3. I saw the Crue in 1990
    I saw Leppard in 1992 (twice)
    I saw Poison in 1991.
    I will leave it at that…

    Leppard would be ok to see again. Poison and Motley? Poison soured me after there show as it was filled with too many solos.
    Motley? Sixx has become Simmons…Farewell? WHat Farewell?

    Na I will pass but it will be fun to watch from the outside lines!

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    1. I agree. Saw Crue in 1986, Leppard 1992 and 2017, Poison 1986, And I would go see Leppard again.I passed on Crue farewell tour and can’t think of a reason why I’d go see them this time around. Maybe if it was a free show with cool opening acts?

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      1. I don’t think free is any of those bands vocabulary hahaha…
        When it comes to Crue I would rather go and see Corabi play the whole 94 album front to back instead!


  4. Disappointed highly in Crue. It pisses me off that fans paid so much money to see what was supposed to be the last show, to now have that soured. Really shitty in their part. Vince is in no shape to continue as evidenced by his solo shows. I’m sorry, but they should continue to be retired…as Crue! Lep and Poison would have been great on their own (no stadiums though), but I would have seen that. Stadium tours rarely make it to Charlotte, so not concerned about making this one.


  5. If Motley Crue were to play a festival I was attending at the time, I would venture down to the stage and see them. But I would not go out of my way to purchase tickets just to see them live.


  6. Well, it’s not like there is a pension plan for aging rockers. LeBrain if u were offered to run a record store for a year for 5 Million, would it be easy to turn down the offer even if it came from your old boss? I think I’d probably be weak minded and at least try to handle a job I once hated for insane amount of money. Not saying I would be able to pull it off with my sanity intact.


      1. See, it’s not easy turning down good offers. I read somewhere that Crue were offered 150 million for the tour. Maybe it’s more. But do they still pull that kinda crowds?


  7. I would go only if the ticket was under $50, the Dead Daisies took the opening slot , and then later Corabi came on stage with the band (while Vince was backstage) and filled half the Crue set with the s/t album.

    Def Leppard, Dead Daisies and both versions of Motley Crue.
    If Vince Crue closed off the night I could probably beat the crowds. I saw them with Vince about 10-15 years ago.and his voice was already going then, so I would be scared to hear it in 2020.

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  8. When I play recreational ball hockey – we’ll usually say, “last goal,” thinking the game will be over after that one. But someone scores too quickly and then, “OK – now it’s last goal.” And so on…however our recreational games (with multiple farewell goals) don’t cost quite as much money to attend!

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