REVIEW: Ghost – “Kiss the Go-Goat” (2019 single)

GHOST – “Kiss the Go-Goat” (2019 Loma Vista 7″ single)

Ghost began as a gothic, Satanic metal experiment.  They grew to include more pop and more humour, and while it hasn’t all been good, most of it has.  In 2019, Papa Nihil and his merry band of Nameless Ghouls have returned with the kitschy single “Kiss the Go-Goat” / “Mary on a Cross”.  It’s not much of a departure from their last album, the excellent Prequelle.

Look at the subtitle on the A-side of the label.  “The long-lost remastered 1969 single.”  That Ghost humour again.

“Kiss the Go-Goat” has a driving organ/guitar riff that is the kind of stuff recent Ghost glory has been based on.  The corny chorus of “Satan, Lucifer…” is far removed from the old orthodox days of “Satan Prayer” and ante-nicean creeds.  But it rocks, solidly and without embarrassment.  A track this good could easily have been on Prequelle.  “Mary on a Cross” doesn’t have the same impact, but is not an also-ran.  It’s a little darker but the recurring organ part is perfectly piquant.

If not for the worrisome possibility (probability?) that these two songs will show up on some kind of future deluxe edition, this single would be an absolute must for all boys & girls, far & wide.  In fact, it has shown up on a very very expensive edition of called Prequelle Exalted, in a disc called Seven Inches of Satanic Panic.  Unless you plan on spending that kind of dough, maybe buying this single is a good option after all.

4/5 stars



  1. I think they’ve really gone downhill since Papa Emeritus II left the band. Papa Emeritus III just doesn’t have the same set of pipes. They need to get Papa II back, that guy was a much better singer! Don’t know why they’re always switching members, must get old.

    I saw your Blade Runner comment. I’m gonna watch the work-print version tonight.

    Harrison! You’re #1 wherever the hell you are. Home you’re loving the studio version of my creative masterstroke.


  2. Tobias Forge has become one of the better songwriters out there as you don’t know what his next move is musically. Keeps us on our toes so to speak.
    He’s kinda like the satanic version of Aldo Nova( back in his heyday) doing everything himself!
    Great writeup man!


  3. I like the art there, Mike. Even though I can’t get with Ghost, I do like the art.

    As for that Prequelle Exhalted… it might be steep, but it does look like a special item, eh? as well as the 7″ (the art isn’t as good as this one) it’s “Limited to 5000 machine-numbered copies with 60-page arena tour photo book hardwood and wrapped in black gator skin, four 12″x12″ live photo prints bound, and Prequelle artwork with 12-page booklet featuring brand-new illustrations”. That’s the kind of thing that convinces people to part with money.


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