VIDEO: Kathryn Ladano album release – live performance of “Flow”

Enjoy music just a little different from the norm?  Here are Kathryn Ladano and opening act, combining members of Harp+ and Seagram Synth Ensemble at the TWH Social After Dark Space January 11 2020.  My Samsung couldn’t get a good image in the dark, but the audio is decent in full stereo.  Enjoy the track “Flow” from the new album Masked and clips from other tracks on the disc!

The synthscape of the opening act was quite awesome.  Now, I don’t normally drink, but I was with Max the Axe.  Before long I had a rum and Coke in me and I was taken on this wild synthesizer trip through the cosmos!  For roughly 30 minutes, a stream of music emanated through the room, like a slideshow of NASA photos from the 1960s.  Can’t wait to hear the Seagram Synth Ensemble’s album which was for sale and now in my collection.

Kathryn Ladano played interpretations of music from her album Masked.  “Interpretations” because the music is improvised and never the same twice, they just follow the same rough blueprints.  “It’s better live” whispered Max (you can hear this in the video), and Dr. Ladano agreed.

Great show, great venue, try and catch them live!



        1. You said it. I have friends with nice cameras and lenses but do I need another hobby? Not really!

          My wife’s phone is one model newer than mine, and she has three friggin’ lenses on the back. That’s what I want. I don’t know what it does, I just want it.


        1. Well funny thing CB. No need to apologise. She plays sax too. In fact she’s pencilled in to play some sax on the next Max the Axe album. The sax is my dad’s original one from the 1950s. She had it restored and now she plays it. I never could. The reed, the mouthpiece…I couldn’t do it. I’m not very physically coordinated or talented.

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        2. Very cool on your dads sax history. I love this stuff Mike. It appeals to my brain and ears. Lurie, Ayler, Zorn, Shepp, Coltrane, Giuffre, Sun Ra etc.
          You can tell her my first exposure to her instrument was Bennie Maupin in the Headhunters (fave album) with Herbie Hancock. Love at first listen.
          Keep us updated on the Max collaboration. I’d be interested on that one. I’ll be listening to more KL.

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