Sunday Chuckle: Mandalorian…WTF?

If you happen to find a 6″ Mandalorian Black Series action figure, snag it — those things are going for crazy money in resale.  As of this writing, is asking $80 for one (ridiculous).

I continued scrolling, looking for a better deal.  What I found was…chuckle-worthy.

Mandalorian Handjob by “Harlotte Sometimes” is available to read, but only on Kindle!

“Fapper Oden Zero sets off on his first Galactic adventure. From his home planet in the Gamma System, the young man sees opportunity; Coruscant and the Core Worlds promise riches for the quick and the clever when the Republic finally falls.  Oden signs on with a freighter. One last night of freedom tempts him. ‘Who is that innocent, sexy, seductive blonde?’ he asks. ‘Did she really just wink at me?'”

It turns out that Harlotte Sometimes is a prolific author with 16 titles under their belt.  These include Bachelor in Space and Hard For Hillary.

I’ve only dipped a toe into reading fan fiction, and never the naughty kind.  Maybe I’m missing out.  For those with a pantsuit fetish, I recommend Hard For Hillary.  If you’re more into tall, dark, and heavily armoured, maybe Mandalorian Handjob is for you!



    1. I was thinking about how I had just done a Holen. Even though it started around when the bushfires did but it doesn’t have anything to do with those. I live in Perth so I’m fine. I guess most of the recent content just hasn’t really aligned with my interests much, and I haven’t had much to say about the one or two that did.

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      1. Yep, I know what you’re on about. I’ve been laying low too and waiting for the Rush and Star Wars to fade a bit. Not a big Rush fan but I surprisingly loved that 40th anniversary of A Farewell to Kings. And I ended up watching a few Neil Peart interviews on utube. A very likable fellow.


        1. I’m touched, and in hindsight I probably should have broke that unintentional radio silence a couple times.


        2. My REM listening party is kinda on hold at moment. Still on Fables. With all the praise LeBrain was giving to Rush just had to dig in to see what was he(and the rest of the world) on about. Kinda glad I did that, since I’m slowly getting into them. But I haven’t abondoned REM, it’s just taking a lot longer than I though. Did I already ask your favorites? What about the warner years favorites?


        3. Warner years favorites? Hmm. I’ve probably listened to Green more than any R.E.M. album. So I guess I’d have to put that one. Automatic for the People is top notch as well. I haven’t heard any of the ones after Green in a long time since I don’t own them on CD though, except Monster which I bought for 99 cents because LeBrain said it was his favorite. It’s still sort of middle of the road to me, but some great tunes.

          I.R.S. years my favorite is still Lifes Rich Pageant, but not by much over the others which are all fantastic. Fables of the Reconstruction is the most special, because they haven’t done anything like it since.

          Rush is a great reason to pause. Permanent Waves is my favorite of their albums.


    1. One of the best fanfics I ever read was about Jar Jar actually, post-clone wars!

      Another good one was an alternate ending to Jedi, where Vader still turned good at the end, but survived his injuries. But then the issue comes of how will be pay for his war crimes? In the end the ghost of Qui-Gon made that decision for them — he allowed Anakin to live but severed him from the Force forever.

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      1. Wow. That Vader stuff is exactly the scenario I was talking to some pals about the other day! (I thought that could have made for an interesting ending for RoS, but wasn’t aware of the Jedi fan fiction).

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        1. The beauty of fanfic is that there are some writers with the talent and “nothing to lose” attitude to write things like that Vader story, that the studio wouldn’t have the courage to touch. Too much at stake for them. So safe decisions are made.

          I will concede that Rise of Skywalker played it very safe.

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  1. talking of scares, u gave me a good one. I though the comments were gone!!! But u had only changed the layout. There would have been an empty place in my world without u guys and your comments.


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