VIDEO: The Outtakes

I’ve been making videos for over 30 years. It’s important, when possible, to keep your source material. It’s necessary if you ever feel like revisiting your work. Or, if you feel like presenting “previously unseen material” to your audience as new content.

Here are some outtakes representing the last 30 years of making videos. You’ve never seen ’em before and I hope you enjoy!


  1. It’s pretty hard to argue that Kiss doesn’t suck if the other person knows “My Way”.

    I was thinking that if I ever came for Sausagefest that my accent wouldn’t stick out as much as Harrison’s (or that much at all), but your Canadian accents are so damn thick in that video that I’m not so sure now. You’ll have to hear my speaking voice sometime and tell me if I sound like a hick.

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  2. wish I could tag along on one of those record store hunting trips of yours. I miss those days of going through the used section at record stores and finding treasures. These days I’m lucky to even find a single record store. Just to let u know u’re slowly turning me into Rush. Yesterday I listened to exit stage left and liked it. Didn’t know I knew some Rush songs already.

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    1. Sorry I’ve been pushing so much Rush. As for those record shopping trips, I haven’t been back to Toronto in a year and a half. One day I’ll go back but Aaron has much more stamina than I.


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