VIDEO: “Here Comes LeBrain Again” 2020 – by Uncle Meat and Iron Tom

In 2014, Tom and Uncle Meat made a video for their “Here Comes LeBrain Again” parody which I gladly used as my theme song. In 2020 that video is a little out of date, so I decided to make an updated one. Check both versions out below and let me know.

Thanks to Meat and Tom for recording the song and making the original.




  1. I think George Michael’s estate will be contacting you boyz sometime soon. That’s “Hand to Mouth” to a tee.

    As to how I would know what a George Michael deep cut would even sound like to compare to Here Comes LeBrain Again, uhh… shit! They’ve seen right through me!

    And shouldn’t the 2020 version just be called “Here Comes LeBrain Again Again”?

    Chiefs won last night. Jesus Christ. Football fans are stupid man. People were blowing shit up outside for an hour after the game, and all throughout whenever they scored. People were blasting down the street sounding their car horns. Total pandemonium. No one went this crazy when the Royals won the World Series back in 2015. It just goes to show that American Football fans are Neanderthal knuckle-dragging dipshits.


  2. Just gonna take this opportunity to reiterate to the international readers that Kansas City is in Missouri. Not Kansas. People from Missouri do not care for being mistaken as from Kansas. It’s a good way to offend someome from Missouri. Right up there with pronouncing the last syllable with a short u sound instead of the more popular long e. So if you really want to piss someone from Missouri off, pronounce the state Missour-Uhh instead of Missour-ee. Note, this will not work if used in the bootheel. It’s the southern part of the state that the rest of us are ashamed of (they pronounce it the wrong way anyhow). That part of the state is basically Arkansas, only not quite as inbred and dumb. It’s been said if you cut off the bootheel and gave it to Arkansas, you would increase the average IQ of both states.

    This lesson comes in light of the fact that President Donald Trump posted a congratulatory message on Twitter to the Kansas City Chiefs. He said that they had done the state of Kansas proud. Oops. They’re not from Kansas. The stadium is in Missouri. As so affectionately put by our former Senator.

    Just to clarify. There is a Kansas City, Kansas. The town is split on the border of the two states. But nobody gives a shit about the Kansas side. Nothing worth seeing over there!

    And in all fairness to the President. LeBrain himself fucked this up by claiming The Ultimate Ozzy was recorded in Kansas. Nope. It was recorded at Kemper Arena, which, you guessed it, is in Kansas City, Missouri.

    Mike still hasn’t fixed that review either, damn it!


    1. Hey, Lebrain’s Rainbow live in Munich 1977 still makes reference to a song AND an album called “Love Live Rock and Roll”, and I reminded him of it back in late 2018. You still have a while to wait.


    1. The original inspired the remake! I wanted to take out the radio station references because I don’t work with them anymore. Then I thought about the “La-dan, Ladano” line and presto! New video.

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