VHS Archives #94: Mick Mars and Nikki Sixx’s Decade of Decadence – double shot!

“…Give us some time to work on what we wanna do now. Which is…so different, that it’s gonna take time. You can’t just go ‘we’re gonna do something different’ and just crank it out. I mean you gotta experiment and it’s going to take a lot of songwriting and trial and tribulations. So it’ll be four years between albums for us at least.” — Nikki Sixx

These are two of the interviews that made me really, really excited for the future of Motley Crue.  Nikki and Mick did a pair of MuchMusic interviews in the same day that aired on different programs.  Mars and Sixx were engaged and enjoying themselves.  I’ve edited the two interviews together here for you.  The first is a live session with Steve Anthony.  They take live questions in front of that big glass MuchMusic window with a legion of fans outside.   The second is a brief one in the basement with Teresa Roncon from the Power 30.

Subjects broached:

  • Best shows
  • Duluth
  • Glue
  • Parents still hating them
  • “Black Widow”
  • Decade
  • The next LP


    1. WOW! Haha yeah I liked that part. This is also about as talkative as I have ever seen Mick Mars.

      So at the time interviews like this really hyped me for the next album. Then 4 months later Vince is gone!

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      1. That is true…Mick did talk a lot…for Mick!! Rather disappointing at the time about Vince…I hope they get their shit together for this tour. I have a bad feeling, but maybe it will turn out okay.

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        1. I figure that guy has probably been to some of the same shows as you in Duluth!

          I really liked this stuff… but does Steve Anthony kinda seem like phoning it in? He just seems so bored to me when I watch these clips.

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        2. He’s a fidgety fella I tell ya hahaha… Well that dude in Emo was like us here in Tbay. If we wanted to see the American bands (Priest/KISS/Motley/Ratt) you had to make the drive to Duluth.

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        3. I like hearing stories from people who are way out there but still make it to rock shows. They lengths they must go to. Crossing international borders! No pre-show weed!

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        4. No pre show weed ever when crossing the border Mikey.
          To go all that way to get trashed ain’t worth it. Man I miss those shows where it was only 25 bucks to see a headliner at an arena show with no VIP upgrade. haha

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    1. It’s funny but with a better audio setup today, I really don’t like the acoustics of that basement. The upstairs interview is lively and crisp and the basement is dreary and muffled. But, give em credit for using their space to create different environments for the shows! I preferred when the power hour was upstairs. I think they moved to the basement in 89 or so.

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  1. Hello, I am Mick Funz. You are stealing these videos from my Youtube account. These are my copies that I recorded live on much music the day they aired. If you don’t remove them ASAP I’m reporting your channel.


      1. Yes Mike, apologies, I sincerely thought you had reused my videos but as I look closer they are obviously your copies. No excuses but I was really high and drunk when I “investigated” ha ha.
        Almost weekly I have to call out youtubers who are just downloading and reusing my videos and I mistakenly thought this was what you were doing. Your copies do look to be higher quality as well, great.
        Cheers and apologies

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        1. Hey Mick it’s all good. Your collection is really great. It’s cool to think we were both hitting “record” on the VCR at the exact same time.

          Been sitting on these videos a long time because I didn’t realize how it easy it was to convert them until last year. Some of our content overlaps — I’ve been uploading stuff without thinking too much about there being duplicates on Youtube! I’m sorry if I’ve duplicated some of yours which it looks like I have.


  2. Also this interview with Vince is from my channel

    and this Motley Much Music special copy is also from my channel.

    these are NOT from your VHS collection, they’re from mine. I taped them when they originally aired and I edited them and tweaked them and you’ve stolen my videos and put your watermark over them. Pretty jerky, pal. Remove them NOW.


    1. That’s not true. It’s obvious if you compare the two that they’re from separate sources.

      Mike’s has anomalies that your VHS does not have, and vice versa. Not to mention the fact that Mike’s is wider, is in 480p while yours is in 240p, and has different brightness/contrast levels. Not to mention that the audio is much clearer on Mike’s copy. So how would he offer better resolution and audio quality if he took it from your channel? Simple, he didn’t take it from your channel. They’re from his collection. And I don’t know how you could think that he did take it from you doing a direct comparison of the videos above.

      Also considering the fact that presumably neither of you own the rights to the material being presented, I really don’t believe you can demand that he take it down.

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        1. I meant more just in total compared to other videos out there with tonnes of views. VHS Motley isn’t likely to go viral

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      1. He had a pre-interview bit of tape that I didn’t have. Clearly different. He’ll say I edited it, but we all I know I would never edit anything OUT of a post.


        1. Research is a strong word. All I had to do was look at Mike’s and then type Mick’s name into YouTube and it was obvious in two seconds that they were from different tapes.

          I’m pleasantly surprised to see such a harmonious resolution. Kudos to Mick for admitting he made a mistake. That is what’s really rare on the web. And of course Mike for forgiving him. You are forgiven! Goodwill and cheer all around.

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      2. If he had approached this different, we could have teamed up. Like imagine if he said:

        “I see we have some of the same MuchMusic videos! We must have been sitting there taping at the exact same time.”

        I’d be like, “Cool! I’ll crosspromote your videos because there’s lots there I don’t have!”


        1. Eh. It was nothing. I was home and saw it. I got disinvited to my buddy’s wife’s birthday party, so I was perusing the site.

          My buddy was upset, but he says his wife’s friend is scared of me because I was too quiet at a party a few weeks ago that we were all at. It was just four of us, and I just sat there quietly, and then went out for air and decided to call it a night. She’s afraid of me for doing nothing. I’m glad they all think it’s ridiculous too.

          Of course she’s not really scared of me, she just doesn’t want me around and when women say they’re scared everybody rushes to their defense. Primal thing. It sucks, but ladies with no integrity use it to get their way. I didn’t make a fuss to them though, didn’t want to ruin my buddy’s wife’s birthday. So I guess I am a good friend.

          Plus I’m gonna invite them all to my birthday dinner next month. Even scaredypants. That’s class! Another friend of mine who was invited decided to hang out with me instead because he was angry at the whole situation. We hit up some shops, I completed my R.E.M. collection, and picked up Night of the Living Dead on Criterion Blu-ray. Overall a good night. Then I got home and saw an attack on my favorite pen pal, and I said no way!

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  3. Sorry, very used to my videos being stolen by people. I’ve had these uploads up for 10 years and no other versions have ever popped up and was even at a Crue page less than a week ago asking if anyone else ever recorded these and here were yours. I thought I saw the same glitches in your videos as mine. Perhaps not.
    This is a good blog, keep up the good work. I’ll go fuck off now

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    1. Thanks Mick I appreciate that you understand. I get it too, somebody used one of my GNR videos without acknowledging the source and I was a little peaved. That’s when I started adding the watermark, at least that way people can see where they can watch the original. I’m protective of my content too.

      Your collection is excellent by the way! It was a great time to sit in the basement recording videos. We were lucky having the Power Hour and all the best content back then. Far superior to MTV!


      1. Thanks for being cool about my mistake, Mike.
        Any chance you have that 1989-1990 Vince appearance on the Much Music set talking to Erica Ehm? There’s a little clip of it in that DOD doc, I think.
        Also, that interview with Dan Gallagher with Vince on the roof. I originally taped that live and then recorded over it by mistake!
        I need a new VHS to digital converter as my old one just isn’t any good. What do you use?
        Thks again

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        1. This is the one I am using here. It was cheap so it was easy to take a chance on, but I have found it to be a little finicky:


          The software that came with it is garbage, I have given up on it. Now I’m using OBS which is free online. It’s more reliable.

          I’m still searching through all my videos, so I might have those. I’m taking my time going through these tapes because I’m really savouring the memories!



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