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VHS Archives #83: David Lee Roth in Paradise (1988)

Due to popular vote here’s David Lee Roth in the first VHS Archive of 2020!  This interview — jeez louise! — goes back 32 years.  DLR was promoting Skyscraper and was lobbed a few softball questions by rookie Steve Anthony of MuchMusic (at least in comparison to his 1991 interview with Denise Donlon, link below).

Enjoy a little live footage from the Skyscraper tour and Roth’s thoughts on success and his history.

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VHS Archives #59: Paul Stanley in the Much studios (1989)

During his 1989 solo tour, Paul Stanley of KISS talked to MuchMusic’s Steve Anthony about his new company Paul Stanley Entertainment LTD.

VHS Archives #30: The London Quireboys interview (1990)

“You can’t really call what we do ‘work’. How can you call your job ‘work’?” – Spike to Steve Anthony

1990 was a memorable year for rock and roll, but one of the great surprises of the year was the return of classic UK rock and roll, in the form of new bands The Black Crowes and The London Quireboys. Both owed obvious debts to the Stones and the Faces.

Guy Griffin and Spike joined Steve Anthony in the MuchMusic studios in late 1990 to talk about the Faces comparisons, their long rise to fame, radio and more. Check out the scarves and Steve Anthony’s ridiculous hightop shoes.

Are the band sedated or just laid back?  You decide in this decent interview.

VHS Archives #20: Lee Aaron on the Hostess Sneak Previews (1992)

Lee Aaron was out of the gates in ’92 with her first greatest hits CD called Powerline.  The single was “Peace on Earth” originally from 1991’s Some Girls Do album.  Check out what Lee had to say to Steve Anthony on MuchMusic’s Hostess Sneak Previews.

VHS Archives #11: Bret Michaels interview 1989

Just a clip from an interview by MuchMusic’s Steve Anthony.  I didn’t catch the full show at the time, so I recorded the interview clips whenever they were re-run.

In this clip, a hyper Bret Michaels of Poison talks about inspiration for his music and the audience response.